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Germany Announces Mandatory Work from Home Legislation

9th January 2019 Off

Germany’s Labor Ministry announced its new year legislation plans to make the option to work from home mandatory. The initiative will force German employers to either allow their employees to work from home or explain why it is not possible. A study by the Federal Ministry of Labor suggests that 40 percent of Germans would like to…

By Ashima Madan

12 Best Cities For SmartWorking

10th December 2018 Off

Our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown begins with the 12 Best Cities for SmartWorking. 12. Basel, Switzerland Located on the Rhine River near the borders of France and Germany, Basel makes an ideal city for SmartWorkers as it has high wages and fast internet speeds. 11. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg You’ll find it hard to feel…

By Thomas Murray

The Anti-Mum Bias: Could SmartWorking Be The Solution?

13th September 2018 Off

We often hear from Mums – stay at home or working – sharing their challenges in trying to strike the balance between family life and work life. Many, unfortunately, experience an anti-mom bias – a concept that we would like to see end. We took a look at Refinery29‘s latest article featuring real Mum’s stories and found Sophia Petrov’s provoking…

By Chloe Sullivan

Life As A SmartWorking ESL Teacher

9th September 2018 Off

Tell us about yourself. What’s your story? Well, it all began one day when I got out of the shower. I was drying my hair and noticed it was falling out (I was twenty-five at the time). That was the moment I realised stress is a real thing. After completing my Bachelor’s at the University…

By Guest Blogger

Why SmartWorking Works For Contact Centres

31st August 2018 Off

Old News Two years ago, more than four hundred homeworkers (or Home Agents) and their employers took part in a survey conducted by the United Kingdom Contact Centre Forum. The results were overwhelmingly positive and clearly expressed the benefits of flexible working for both parties. The Results Employers: 58% now employ SmartWorkers. 69% said their…

By Thomas Murray

Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 4

17th August 2018 Off

Well hello there! This week we’re back in action with a snapshot of a typical SmartWorking day. We often talk about how much we love the days we’re SmartWorking, but sometimes it can be hard to imagine unless you get a clear picture of what it’s really like. So, let us take you through the…

By Thomas Murray