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Challenges of Recruitment – Finding Talent

7th May 2019 Off

With graduates, parents and many employees now looking for more flexible working, it’s no wonder why employers are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right talent for their company. In areas where unemployment rates are higher, job postings can receive thousands upon thousands of applications, very little of which are relevant. The demand is…

By Cassie Cain

Top 10 Remote Working Trends of 2019

14th March 2019 Off

As remote working becomes more and more prevalent in the professional world, we took the time to identify the top 10 predicted remote working trends of 2019. 1) Demanding flexibility from employers Now more than ever, workers who are millennials and Gen Z are comfortable advocating for flexibility from their employers. They can see how…

By Abigail Stack

Talent Summit 2019 – Leading Change

11th February 2019 Off

So excited to be joining the incredible line-up of speakers at this year’s Talent Summit! The Talent Revolution: Leading Change Talent Summit has grown to become one of the largest HR & Leadership conferences in Europe, showcasing the latest thinking on talent topics from around the world. Its mission is to share thought leadership on…

By Louise O'Conor

#TruLondon Conference

21st November 2018 Off

London Is Calling: Don’t miss our CEO Sue Marshall presenting at #TruLondon Conference Monday 26th November in Arbor City Hotel from 12.00 – 20.00hrs. This is a conference like no other for companies looking for new ways of accessing, attracting and retaining skilled professionals locally and globally! Origins of #TruLondon Bill Boorman, Founder of #TruLondon, first…

By Louise O'Conor