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Co-Working Hubs – Future Trends and Predictions

4th October 2018 Off

There is no doubt that co-working spaces and practices are on the rise globally! But what makes those spaces so effective? And what can we expect in the future?  What is Co-Working? Co-working essentially is a shared way and area for working. It involves open workspaces designed to bring different workers together. In the past,…

By Vithoria Escobar

Top 4 Tips for Career Networking

1st October 2018 Off

It’s a new week, a new start….and time for some #SmartNetworking. Networking doesn’t have to be a transactional, tit-for-tat experience where you connect with others solely for the sake of furthering your career. Rather forming a friendship where the major basis for your relationship is work-related. And go from there! Following the The Networking Summit which took…

By Chloe Sullivan