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Top Cities For Remote Working Revealed

8th August 2018 Off

In a study conducted by conference call telecommunications company Powwownow, factors such as cost of living, average monthly salary, internet speed, price of coffee, and cost of public transport were all considered when naming the top cities in the world for remote working. Each city was scored for their performance on these factors and ranked…

By Thomas Murray

From Theatre Life to SmartWorking | Nell Jerram

13th July 2018 Off

In this personal and humorous story, today’s special guest blogger Nell Jerram, describes her journey:  “From touring theatre performer to raising twins; how motherhood is the ultimate ‘working from home’ and how I’ve come to embrace SmartWorking.”  As a mother of young twins, I am often admired by other first-time parents who watch me cope…

By Guest Blogger

Life in the Health Lane

12th April 2018 Off

Today’s #SwartWorking Guest Blogger: Veronika Abramova works remotely as a Business Development Representative for an HR Software Company and cares deeply about her health and lifestyle. She really enjoys travelling in her current position and she is pretty much free to take these business trips on a weekly basis when it suits her. Overall she has a very…

By Guest Blogger