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Top 10 Remote Working Trends of 2019

14th March 2019 Off

As remote working becomes more and more prevalent in the professional world, we took the time to identify the top 10 predicted remote working trends of 2019. 1) Demanding flexibility from employers Now more than ever, workers who are millennials and Gen Z are comfortable advocating for flexibility from their employers. They can see how…

By Abigail Stack

Is Your Company Smart?

28th January 2019 Off

The world of work is changing. It wasn’t that long ago when employee disatisfaction could be “solved” with a raise or maybe even a promotion. But when the dust had settled and the confetti had cleared, that employee’s moment in the sun would disappear and be replaced with the same bitterness and discontent they felt…

By Thomas Murray

9 Companies Already SmartWorking

13th December 2018 Off

Our 12 Days of Christmas series continues as we take a look at 9 Companies Already SmartWorking. Dell According to their website, the computing multinational Dell sees workplace flexibility as a business strategy that enables them to compete for the best talent. Among the company’s benefits are health plans, training and mentoring opportunities. Apple One…

By Thomas Murray

SmartWorking Means More Time For Family

31st October 2018 Off

It’s Halloween, which means families all over the world are painting faces, donning witches’ hats and preparing for an evening of scares, dares and good old fun. But for many parents, Halloween is just another work day where they miss out on their kids’ first or even twelfth Halloween. Maybe if they’re lucky, a kindly…

By Thomas Murray

Caregiver/Carer SmartWorking Jobs

27th October 2018 Off

Role Background: Caregivers are attentive and friendly by nature. They offer unparalleled care and support to the elderly or infirm and perform their duties with expert maturity and discretion. Skills: Being empathetic and caring. Patience. Clear communicator. Excellent interpersonal skills. Exhibits positivity. Discretion. Duties: Travelling between sites to attend patients. Interacting with patients in medical…

By Thomas Murray

Time Management Tips For SmartWorkers

18th October 2018 Off

Work Smarter, Not Harder It’s a phrase we feel strongly about at Abodoo. Being smarter about the way we work is far more beneficial for us and our employers. Here, we take a look at some nifty time management tips to make the most of your work hours. Prepare The Day Before Before you turn…

By Thomas Murray

Administrative Executive SmartWorking Jobs

17th October 2018 Off

Role Background: An Administrative Executive is the first point of contact for all employees. They manage the day-to-day operations, providing administrative support and query resolution. Skills: Well-organised. Can perform duties in a timely manner. A self-starter who can work with little supervision. Able to accurately enter and record data. Duties: Preparing reports (expenses, budgets, etc.)…

By Thomas Murray

Recruitment Consultant/ Manager SmartWorking Jobs

7th October 2018 Off

Role Background: Recruitment Consultants are expert relationship builders who are driven my connecting the best possible candidate to a particular role. Skills: Networking. Headhunting. Excellent interpersonal skills. Social media skills. Reviewing and analysis skills. Duties: Attracting candidates for jobs and matching them to appropriate positions. Building positive relationships with clients and candidates. Using social media…

By Thomas Murray