Where is the UK’s Talent? Click on our interactive regional map below to find out!

Where is the UK’s Talent? Click on our interactive regional map below to find out!

19th February 2019 Off By Louise O'Conor

Following the huge success of our Republic of Ireland Interactive Talent Heat Map, we received numerous requests to do the same for the UK to showcase where skills are available now that can be tapped into for remote and smart working roles.

We heard your requests and after intensive data mining, analysis and tracking of our +20,000 smart working members across the UK and Ireland – and huge thanks to the great design work from our friends at The Information Lab Ireland – we’re excited to reveal our first regional interactive UK talent map below.

What is a Talent Heat Map?

Talent heat maps are geographical representations in the form of interactive maps and infographics showcasing the wide range of skills and talent available nationwide, across the 12 regions of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). By hovering your mouse over each region, you will see what the most prolific skills are in that area – neatly broken down by percentage.

This information enables companies and employers to identify where the skills they require are and where they can hire, set up secondary locations or relocate to. It will also help SmartWorkers to secure roles with flexibility where they live, as opposed to moving and commuting to larger cities.

These insights will enable forward thinking employers to making future hiring decisions based on skills and not location, enabling them to grow and scale effectively and more cost effectively, without high levels of investment, with the added benefit that they are contributing to the country’s rural regeneration, communities and prosperity outside of major cities.

Benefits of Talent Heat Maps & SmartWorking

#1 Access to Larger Pools of Skilled Talent

Companies are struggling to find, attract and retain skilled talent. We know that there are large pools of talent country-wide that have not yet been tapped into. By highlighting where skills are available, we can provide employers access to talent pools available outside of standard commuting distances.

#2 Attract and Retain Talent

78% of employees are looking for more flexibility in location and working hours. By offering flexibility, companies have the added benefit of attracting and retaining skilled talent.

#3 Reduced Costs (Companies and Employees)

Soaring property and rental prices, along with increased demand on city housing and the lack of affordable office space, restricts companies from expanding and scaling their business at the speed often required. Enabling flexibility through a smart working model means that businesses can expand without these constraints and if location is not an issue then the talent pool really opens up the UK and not just major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.

#4 Cleaner Environment

Flexible and Smart Working doesn’t just benefit employees and organisations. It also positively impacts our planet too!
Did you know that the average daily commuter creates 4,2 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year? Imagine the difference it would make if just 1 employee per company were enabled work from home.. we’d reduce carbo emissions by  millions of metric tones per year… not to mention the amount of time people would gain back by not sitting in traffic!

#5 Increased Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity encompasses so many different elements from gender, ethnicity, mobility issues, returning workforces, carers restricted by location, disabilities, religion, political opinion, age, weight, economic status, social background and so much more. To read more about how SmartWorking addresses these issues visit our diversity series and posts.

#6 Improved Health (Mental & Physical)

Reduced stress of commuting and physical necessity to be in an office 9-5, Monday to Friday gives employees back hours of personal time to eat well, go to the gym, manage their daily routines and commitments around their work, thus improving both their mental and physical health. Visit the health section of our blog for more insights.

#7 Increased Productivity

Fewer distractions such as water cooler gossip, impromptu meetings, and loud colleagues are a non-issue, according to multiple research findings. In some cases it has shown to increase productive Eighty-six percent of those surveyed said they preferred to work alone to “hit maximum productivity.” What’s more, two-thirds of managers say employees who work remotely increase their overall productivity.

#8 Greater Job Satisfaction and Engagement

It might seem counterintuitive, but according to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, remote workers are often moreengaged with colleagues and supervisors than in-office workers. The plethora of technological tools to help workers stay connected makes the difference – in fact, a separate study found that 87% of remote workers feel more connected through the use of video conferencing.

#9 Rural Regeneration

We want everyone to be included in our #SmartWorking movement, regardless of geographic location. This is extremely important to us, to rural and urban communities and society as a whole. Increased rural hiring, contributes to the economic prosperity of the region whilst supporting communities and encouraging diaspora to return home.

“By connecting people, companies, talent, government bodies, co-working hubs and local enterprises, we aim to build communities that prosper and thrive with improved quality of life”

#10 Better Work – Life Harmony

We release articles and posts daily on the unlimited benefits of smart working both for employees and companies. In short, it is a win-win for everyone involved and gives people the opportunity to be happier, healthier and more engaged in both their own lives and their work. Here are links to some of our articles on SmartWorking Benefits and SmartWorking Benefits for Companies for your reference.

Talent Mapping as a Service

The Abodoo community of +20,000 members and growing fast, is made up of skilled professionals all looking for SmartWorking options and flexibility; they want to work from home or close to home and the growing network of co-working spaces (over 12,000 in the UK), enables businesses to tap into this talent – thus reducing their capital investment generally associated with secondary and even tertiary sites.

Abodoo have been producing talent heat maps since early 2018, just after we launched, for government bodies, agencies and local county councils. In 2019 we are now officially the largest SmartWorking community in the world and are rolling out this service to companies and multinationals interested in finding and sourcing skilled talent.

For more information on any of the above, drop us an email contact us.

We look forward to working with you!