3 Solutions to Common Remote Work Complaints

3 Solutions to Common Remote Work Complaints

21st March 2019 Off By Abigail Stack

Nearly all professionals are in agreement that remote work is the wave of the future. However, some are still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. Caileen Kehayas of the careers site Ladders argues that remote work is not for everyone. Here are a few remote work complaints that people encounter.

Human Interaction

Her first argument is that remote work deprives people of face-to-face human interaction. While it is true that remote workers may find themselves lonely without the typical office interactions they are accustomed to, that human intimacy can be replaced in different ways. Remote workers can work in coffee shops, with other friends who are remote working, or at home with their family. Even getting a dog would reduce feelings of loneliness for those struggling with remote work. 

Maintaining Focus

Kehayas confesses that she found difficulty maintaining personal discipline while working from home. Without a boss or coworkers hovering over you, there is no one to reprimand you if you get off task, fall down a YouTube rabbit hole, or take a lunch break that lasts hours. Although working remotely highlights personal weakness in terms of focus, it is a great way to develop one’s working habits. Separating one’s home into work space and recreational space can help focus. Remote workers can use their unique professional environment as an opportunity to develop their work ethic to one of strict focus and learn how to work without supervision.

Working on Vacation

Another argument she makes is that remote working does not always go hand-in-hand with travel. She remembers times when she has been on vacation with friends and family while remote working and constantly feeling pulled away from her work to dive into full relaxation mode with her loved ones. Again, this point relates to personal discipline. To solve the issue of working on vacation, one can first do as much work before they go away as possible, and next block out a specific time for work that will not interfere with activities.

Solution? Flexible Work!

Almost all of these remote work complaints or issues Kehayas highlights can be solved by flexible working: a combination of working from home, co-working spaces, and an office setting. Lonely remote workers can go work from a coffee shop with friends. Unfocused remote workers can transform their space into one that removes distractions and promotes centered attention. Vacationing remote workers can block out times of minimal activity to crank out work. If all else fails, flexible working is a perfect solution for all.