#WFHWeek – The Global and Employee Benefits

#WFHWeek – The Global and Employee Benefits

8th October 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Today is the first day of #WFHWeek!
Did you know that SmartWorking can drive global changes? Here’s how.

National Work from Home Week (#WFHWeek) is an initiative from the American company Logitech to encourage employees to embrace telecommuting. 

This week, employees will be able to perform their work duties and support their team from outside the office. The initiative aims to emphasise that working from home is beneficial for both employers and employees.

There is no reason not to encourage working from home nowadays. It’s been proven that reducing commutes can increases cost savings, productivity and motivation.

As we discussed in our SmartWorking is not only working from home article, as long as employees have access to a computer, Wifi and the required digital communication channels, it doesn’t matter if they’re at home, in a co-working hub or using a hybrid model (part-home, part-office)—they are SmartWorking!

#SmartWorking – The Grass is Greener

It goes further than the office. Work from Home Week is also an appeal for the global environment.

Last year, #WFHWeek participants saved an average of 90 minutes of their day and saved more than 60,000 kg of CO2 by skipping their daily commute. That’s a distance equivalent of six times the circumference of the Earth – nearly 150,000 miles. The event also resulted in lower energy consumption and, consequently, lower bills. 

Logitech compiled all the benefits employers can gain from a #SmartWorking attitude: 

 #SmartWorking - The Grass is Greener

If your work conditions provide you with a good work-life balance, you will likely improve your performance. SmartWorking is a step towards a more productive and sustainable attitude.

The SmartWorking Way

Working from home requires more than a laptop and good internet. Below are some smart tips to make the most of your #WFHWeek:

1. Communicate

Communication is key to success in #SmartWorking. Methods and tools should be set out from the beginning so workers can manage their work demands and be connected with their team at all times.

2. Establish your required outputs

It is important to establish a clear communication of goals and what is expected of you. But it’s up to you to achieve them. Ensure your tasks are clearly laid out to avoid mistakes and prevent duplication of effort.

3. Find your balance

People are constantly finding ways to improve their work-life balance and #SmartWorking is definitely a solution. However, it is important that you find out how you can achieve your best performance. Find the perfect office space and environment where you can concentrate.

4. Trust

Trust is the most important key to succeeding at SmartWorking. We discussed in our article how trust is the secret to successful SmartWorking and must be earned to ensure harmony and motivation.

“We are big proponents of Work From Home, with the belief that, in many cases, it doesn’t matter where you work; it matters how you work,” Scott Wharton, Logitech Video Collaboration Vice President.

Can you imagine the impact it could have if everyone started SmartWorking? 

From the basis of daily commute to global changes we can benefit from #SmartWorking in so many ways. It can literally change the world! So why not start your SmartWorking journey today?