Tips for Networking in CoWorking Spaces

Tips for Networking in CoWorking Spaces

6th February 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Today’s CoWorking post is all about how to network like a pro in your Co-Working space!

The greatest thing about coworking hubs is the mixture between professional and casual. It is a highly professional and innovative office but in a flexible casual environment, which makes them the perfect place for networking. Coworking spaces bring together all kinds of workers and that is highly beneficial to provide work opportunities and grow your business.

Think about it as full access to a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators! Coworking is changing the way we network. If you want to make the most out of coworking hubs, we’ve gathered valuable tips to improve your networking:

Engage with your CoWorking Colleagues

Try to introduce yourself and initiate casual conversations. Ask something simple as “How long are you working here?” – any opportunity to socialise and engage can turn out to be really positive. A good tip here is to enjoy the shared spaces, like the lunch area. Instead of having lunch in front of your computer, eat in the common lunch area and meet your work neighbours.

Suggest a Work Trade

If you need a service, help or even partnerships, try to research and connect with the companies in your coworking space and suggest a swap. It is good networking and an opportunity for both businesses to show their potential, promote their brand and build relationships.

Promote your Brand

Shared working spaces are a good spot to strengthen your brand. If you or your company have a logo, try to bring pens, post-its, cards and other useful office materials with your information. It works as a good reminder to colleagues that you are there and they can count on you.

Show your Skills

CoWorking spaces are the perfect place to show your skills and passion. Shared hubs are professional spaces with an open and casual mentality. Sharing your knowledge, skills and ambitions can lead to fruitful future gains and can even help others. It helps to build relationships and gain knowledge, so you will more than likely benefit and find any help you might need.

Join the Events

Most coworking spaces host in-house events but also offer informal happy hours and treats. Either professional or casual social events, it is a guarantee to connect with different professionals. Interacting with your coworking community outside working hours can be more convenient and gainful. Keep up with your coworking calendar to identify the events that would suit you. If by any chance you’re not able to join the scheduled events, why not host your own event? Try to suggest an event idea to the manager of the coworking hubs and other businesses.

Connect on Social Media

If you have an interesting conversation with a coworker, even if it is informal, follow up with social media. Adding people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any online communication will facilitate communication and you are able to see more of their professional background. Another tip here is to follow in social media the companies in your coworking hub you are interested in, maybe introducing yourself by e-mail. This online interaction makes it easier to share opportunities and collaborate.

Co-working hubs enable collaboration, business growth and career development. Reap all the benefits by taking advantage of the opportunities you have to network with other co-workers. You never know where a simple engagement can take your business or career.

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