Impact of Co-Working in HR

Impact of Co-Working in HR

13th March 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

How can HR departments adapt to the Co-Working revolution?
In our Co-Working Series we share some opportunities for HR managers

Co-working is revolutionizing the workplace today. Very soon we can expect a boom of 90%, which means a huge number of 35,900 co-working hubs globally. Evidently, it will impact HR departments. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean anything negative. Actually, HR managers and traditional processes can take advantage of what co-working has to offer. Here we selected the 3 main lessons HR can learn from co-working:

1. War for Talent

Talent management and acquisition has become more complex over the years. Therefore the War for Talent is one of the biggest challenges HR departments face today. With the increase of Smart Working, not only companies are competing against local business, they are competing against companies across the globe. However, with Co-Working HR managers are able to offer their employees flexible working hours in a modern and convenient location. It motivates employees and it gives them an improvement in productivity and performance.

2. Worker Experience 

Co-Working is all about the experience. The environment, since the design to your co-working colleagues, offers a workplace filled with creativity, collaboration, innovation and diversity. Co-working spaces were created to meet a variety of work styles (for example, companies and freelancers) and also to create a unique and futuristic workplace experience. Adapting to co-working is a great idea for HR managers to improve their staff-turnover rates and productivity.

3. Wellness

Workers will perform their best when they feel good. That’s why wellness and valuing mental & physical health means so much to employers and HR departments. Most shared hubs promote wellness by giving their workers a range of programs, events, services, and amenities. For example, free mediation and yoga class. Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends revealed a considerable gap between what employees value and expect and what companies are offering. HR managers can learn & take advantage of co-working spaces to promote their people wellness and work-life balance.

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