Co-Working Hubs – Future Trends and Predictions

Co-Working Hubs – Future Trends and Predictions

4th October 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

There is no doubt that co-working spaces and practices are on the rise globally! But what makes those spaces so effective? And what can we expect in the future? 

What is Co-Working?

Co-working essentially is a shared way and area for working. It involves open workspaces designed to bring different workers together. In the past, co-working was generally associated with freelancers and startups but these spaces can and should be used by any #SmartWorker! The idea of co-working is to provide a collaborative space where users can enjoy a more dynamic routine and a greater productivity.

The Benefits of Co-Working

  • Sense of Community

Freedom, flexibility and connections are part of co-working culture. Every space has its own identity and gives people the freedom to relate and choose them. You are also free to interact with members as socialising is not forced or mandatory. The diverse dynamic creates a sense of identity and community, for both extroverts and introverts. The community feeling boosts members to seek and offer help, in a diverse and multicultural space.

  • Communication + Diversity = Networking

Open workplaces provide a space where you are surrounded with talented professionals from different areas. This opportunity can spark new ideas and broaden your mind to new perspectives. It can also be the perfect environment to meet potential clients and partners. For companies or independent workers, the business possibilities are endless.

  • Staying motivated!

Shared work spaces allow autonomy and flexibility. You are able to manage your hours and physical presence. Users also reported that co-working communities help them to create harmonic routines, structures and self motivation. And those are key to #SmartWorking!

  • Extra savings

Another huge advantage seen by companies to adopt co-working models is the cost savings. You only have to worry about renting the space you need, for as long as you need it. As all the facilities and maintenance are included, it ends up being way cheaper than a typical office. And did we mention free coffee? Yes, free coffee! Your daily coffee money can add up without you noticing, and we have to admit that extra savings are always welcome.

Can We Expect Co-Working Domination in the Future?

We can indeed!

Co-working is in constant growth around the world and it won’t stop so soon. Research reveals that by 2020 there will be four millions coworkers. In United States, 40% of workers will become #SmartWorkers. And it is most likely that Ireland will follow the same path.

Abodoo research analysed data over the last decade of the co-working evolution and discovered some interesting new predictions!

According to our research, in 2022 it is estimated that there will be over 35,900 co-working hubs globally. In only 4 years we can expect a 90% increase! And if we go back to when the concept of co-working started, the results show a massive increase of…. 10,769,100%!

Growth Trends of Co-Working Spaces Globally by 2022

The trend in co-working, however, is not only in exponential numbers. The spaces themselves and the services they provide will also change.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 Predictions that will affect and improve co-working spaces:

  • Health and Wellness

The demand for a healthy lifestyle will affect co-working spaces. Yoga sessions, meditation, pilates, mindfulness seminars are some of the activities we can expect to be provided.

  • Technology  

Co-working spaces will focus on technology and innovation as part of their strategy. Space automation will see significant growth. Apps that automate heating, check-in and billing are some of the new features we can expect.

  • Goodbye Office

As mentioned, co-working might be initially thought for freelancers or startups but as it continues to grow, we can expect companies to say goodbye to their typical offices and start incorporating co-working spaces into their business strategy.

  • Multi-locations

Only having one co-working space might not be enough to handle the demand for flexibility and mobility. Co-working spaces will need to expand their brand to offer a variety of locations around the world.

  • Reconnect with Nature

Technology can make provide you with amazing things but we can never forget where it all started: nature. Shared spaces are expected to invest in green initiatives and sustainability. New design concepts will likely value nature within the space and stimulate our connection to our mother Earth.  

  • Niche Spaces

One of the best things about co-working is the ability to connect with different people. However, particular segments in shared workplace will grow further. The potential of niche spaces brings a stronger sense of identity and, consequently, a stronger community.

As passionate champions of #SmartWorking will like to keep up with future trends and initiatives and will soon be launching our Abodoo Co-Working Hubs Listings to all co-working spaces nationwide to help drive and promote your brand and community.

If you’re interested in having your co-working hub listed, drop us a note with your details on our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

And if of course you’d like to become a #SmartWorker, register your details on Abodoo today!