Co-Working Abroad: What You Need To Know

Co-Working Abroad: What You Need To Know

27th March 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Co-working abroad combines work with traveling. That’s the dream for many Smart Workers out there. And the good news is, it can come true.

Work doesn’t need to be limited by one office space, even with co-working. Co-Working abroad is an option adopted by many digital nomads today. People are using co-working offices around the world to work from wherever the destination they have in mind.

However, is it worth it? Does it work? For our last Co-Working Series, we tell you everything you need to know about Co-Working abroad!

The Pros

International Network

When you travel you’ll naturally make new connections. However, if you’re also co-working you will network with a lot of new workers from different areas and expertise. You’ll connect with locals and global workers and it can be an opportunity to collaborate. Can you imagine not only networking but also gaining international experience?

Get Inspired

Let’s admit it. Travel, breath new cultures and see different atmospheres is one of those things that boosts our inspiration and creativity. If you get the chance to co-work and take this positivity into work, you’ll flow in your tasks and projects.

Cost Effective

Some co-workings have the option for daily rent, which can be cost-effective when traveling. Depending on your destination and the currency exchange, the co-working space can be way cheaper than your usual.

The Cons

Your Routine

Those who co-work abroad are often hours apart from their team. You can miss being closer to them and if you have your local co-working, you’ll probably miss your colleagues and space too. If you co-work abroad, you’ll have to get used to a new routine and new culture and be used to constant change.

Our Smart Tips

As Smart Working advocates, we love the possibility of working wherever. And the best part of co-working abroad is traveling and embracing a new experience. It can be breath-taking! So here are our top tips to make the best out of this opportunity:

Time Management & Organization

If you’d like to work and travel, you need to manage your time and ideas. Especially considering different time zones, you have to be extra aware of your deadlines and demands. Use professional tools and software to help you manage yours and your team’s demands. It will also give you more time to enjoy your visit! Few examples: Slack, Skype, and Zoom to communicate and stay connected, and Google Calendar to organize your schedule.

Work-Life Balance 

Don’t forget the main idea behind co-working abroad: work-life balance. Make sure you’ll enjoy the traveling and cultural part of the experience, not only the co-working. Organize your schedule and balance your time. Many co-working spaces out there offers features and events for self-care, so pick one that will do good for you.

We’ve learned so much with our Co-Working Series and we want to keep boosting workers and co-workers to go forward and finding new and more effective ways to work.

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