Must-Haves for a Perfect Co-Working Hub

Must-Haves for a Perfect Co-Working Hub

6th March 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

With so many options, how to pick the perfect co-working hub?

To ensure you find your ideal space, we listed the essential features any co-working must have!

Co-working has evolved a lot since it first started. From freelancers to large companies, workers around the globe are noticing the benefits shared working spaces can give you. Today more than 1.1 million people are occupying almost 14 thousand coworking spaces around the globe. The figures are huge and there is no expectation to slow it down. By 2022, we predicted an increase of 90%, which means over 35 thousand co-working hubs.

Work environments come in shapes and sizes so, of course, every co-working hub has its own personality. As we said, there are many options to choose from. So you should go for one that you identify with and where you reap all the benefits coworking can give you. To give you a hand, we listed the five must-haves in any co-working space.


Shared hubs are well-known for their cost-effectiveness. Therefore, prioritize coworking spaces at a reasonable price that will reduce your costs. The monthly average of co-working desks is $195 in United States, £168 in UK and €189 in Europe, which make them very affordable.


Location is definitely one of the most important decisions when looking for a hub. A big disadvantage of traditional offices for workers is the commute. Spending hours stuck in traffic and public transport daily affects your health and productivity. A study with workers in UK found that those facing a daily work commute of an hour or more are less productive. On the other hand, those with a half an hour or less commute, gain an equivalent of 7 days worth of more productivity per year. So make sure to pick a space that is accessible for you!


One of the main benefits of co-working for workers is their networking value. In this case, choose a hub that you will surround yourself with like-minded individuals with similar goals. For example, if you’re a freelance worker, try to look for a coworking community that attracts other freelancers and SMEs, instead of large companies.

Community & Atmosphere 

The secret of a pleasant work atmosphere are the people. Value a community with similar interests and values as yourself and that you identify with. However, try not to stay in your comfort zone. Enjoy the diversity and the different mix that coworking community can provide you. A study revealed that 60% of coworkers feel more relaxed and productive due to the general atmosphere of well-being.

Equipment & Customer Service

Any professional environment needs every equipment you need in everyday work.  From staples to a high-speed Internet connection, make sure your co-working space has everything you and your business will possibly need. Also, value the customer service and the team available to help you in any case.

There are many co-working hub out there. Make sure to do good research before making your final decision. It will be your work environment so it’s important to find a space that suits you and your business the best. To make things easier, we (literally) have a list full of shared hubs in to help you find your ideal co-working. If you’d like to list your hub with us, contact Valentina 🙂