Challenges of Recruitment – Finding Talent

Challenges of Recruitment – Finding Talent

7th May 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

With graduates, parents and many employees now looking for more flexible working, it’s no wonder why employers are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right talent for their company. In areas where unemployment rates are higher, job postings can receive thousands upon thousands of applications, very little of which are relevant.

The demand is larger than the supply, which results in an abundance of applicants and a waste of time. Employers need a solution to overcome these challenges of recruitment, asap!

Key Talent Sourcing Challenges

Some of the key challenges we have noticed include:

  • Finding Talent: The demand to fill open positions is far higher than the supply in many different industries. Companies are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market with many recruiters going for the same candidates. Recruiters who still use antiquated hiring practices run the risk of losing out on not only converting great candidates, but even attracting quality applicants at the beginning of the hiring process.Most of the recruiters waste their valuable time by working on unnecessary and ineffective administrative tasks which can result in duplication of efforts. In particular, tasks like sourcing potentially talented candidates and reviewing their resumes should take hours and not days. Many recruiter spend time on these administrative tasks can be utilized in sending a candidate for final selection to the client. This has led to the increasing use of applicant tracking systems by recruiters.
  • Attracting Talent:  In this candidate-driven market where candidates are approached by multiple recruiters it becomes very difficult for recruiters to attract talented candidates. The top candidate that you have been trying to pitch might not be around when you finally decide to extend the offer after several weeks of interviews.Delay in the hiring process is killing the recruitment process, thereby making you lose out on top talent. Reducing time-to-hire also becomes a very difficult ask as you are juggling with multiple candidates at the same time and the follow-up interviews take a lot of time to set up.
  • Retaining Talent: Businesses must also deal with the influx of millennials, who tend to have unique needs and desires regarding their career and what they expect from a job. Millennials possesses significantly different characteristics from previous generations – they have close affinity with the latest technology, they tend to favour their personal needs more than that of the organisation they work for, they want open communication & regular feedback and are more comfortable with a fluid career. Millennials always seem to be on the move and they don’t stay in the roles as long as you would hope.Is it worth it if they’re going to leave in two years?

How can Abodoo help with Recruitment?

We have developed a RaaS skills matching platform that makes the hiring process easier for you. We are also committed to gathering talent intelligence so we can show you where the skills you need for your business lie.

In terms of recruitment or sourcing talent, our technology matches your roles with specific skills to reduce the amount of time spent trawling through applications.

Our anonymous profiles reduce unconscious bias from the screening process to increase your access to talent whilst ensuring you have the most diverse and inclusion candidates to drive innovation.

Our platform has over 20,000 registered SmartWorkers from rural and regional areas thus we help you attract talent that is located outside the central hubs too. We don’t want you to miss any talent opportunity!

To retain talent, we encourage flexible working strategies that measure output rather than time so that you can get from your employees what you give in creating a work life harmony.

Are you a business owner struggling to find the right talent?

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