9 Companies Already SmartWorking

9 Companies Already SmartWorking

13th December 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Our 12 Days of Christmas series continues as we take a look at 9 Companies Already SmartWorking.


According to their website, the computing multinational Dell sees workplace flexibility as a business strategy that enables them to compete for the best talent. Among the company’s benefits are health plans, training and mentoring opportunities.


One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple connects remote working to work-life balance and human connection. They also consider SmartWorking a skill, as it takes confidence, discipline and self-motivation to be successful in remote working. Some of the jobs roles include Home Advisor, Home Team Manager, Home Area Manager, and Foreign Language Speakers.


Amazon gets the #SmartWorking concept as a business strategy to expand knowledge and networking. Their specified remote positions connect Amazon to qualified workers that don’t live near their physical offices. Unfortunately, the remote roles are not available to every department in Amazon, but the possibility is open to be discussed with Amazon recruiters.


This consulting firm really values work-life balance and offers options of flexible work arrangements to meet their business demands. Flexible time schedules, part-time arrangements, job-sharing arrangements, telecommuting/home working, fly-backs to home, and client-site work arrangements are part of their initiatives. It is also part of their policy to provide communication and collaboration tools to help increase employers productivity, efficiency and flexibility.


For the recruiter Glassdoor, #SmartWorking is an opportunity to succeed in both work and personal life. According to the company:

We know that professional success depends on personal well-being. That’s why we empower you with the tools and services you need to succeed in every area of your life.”

The company offers flexible hours, the option to work from home and the office has a friendly and open environment.


The global education company Kaplan understands the value of SmartWorking. The remote philosophy is part of their educational service but it also extends to their employees. Kaplan also offers benefit packages that include flexible hours, wellness and financial planning and they encourage their people to new heights and maximise their talents.

American Express

According to Glassdoor, American Express was named one of the top 20 companies for remote jobs. They see work-life balance as necessary and they offer arrangements and virtual positions to value flexibility.

At American Express, we value work-life balance, just as you do. We recognize the need for flexibility in the way we work—in particular, the ability to work from home and sometimes part-time. That’s why we offer a variety of arrangements that meet your needs while providing challenging, purposeful work.”


According to Vodafone’s own research, for many employees work-life balance is as important as basic salary. The company’s findings show that SmartWorking has a bigger impact on job satisfaction than more traditional benefits such as shares, bonus schemes and pensions. More than 75% of employees said SmartWorking boosts their job satisfaction, 72% said it improved work-life balance, and 54% said they were more productive.


“We care about fostering a connected Remote culture. Currently, about 1,400 Shopifolk solve problems with us, from all over the world.”

Shopify’s remote workforce is global with employees based in Ireland, Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, and Australia to name a few. Shopify employees often take their flexibility to the extreme:

“One adventurous remote Shopifolk does Talent Acquisition for the Support Team from her camper van, all around British Columbia, Canada.”