Who Are Abodoo and What Is SmartWorking? [Video]

Who Are Abodoo and What Is SmartWorking? [Video]

28th August 2018 Off By Louise O'Conor

We are thrilled to share our new company video explaining who Abodoo are, what we do and what SmartWorking is!

This short video explains the origin of our name from the words ‘Abode’ meaning home, and ‘Do’ meaning work. It also delves into the meaning of SmartWorking, the different ways in which people and companies can SmartWork and the benefits it provides to both.

We hope you enjoy it!

There you have it!

SmartWorking is the combined use of technology with the flexibility and agility for employees to work remotely, co-work or use hybrid models. It enables companies to grow by hiring and retaining top talent based on skills rather than location, and people to achieve a true work life harmony.

SmartWorking also supports global challenges such as the environment, cost of living, health, lifestyle and diversity.

Start your SmartWorking journey today by registering on Abodoo.com!


Credit: We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the whole team at Illuminate Learning who created this video for us! They were a pleasure to work with and their dedication and attention to detail were second to none.