Types of Remote Working: Which One Are You?

Types of Remote Working: Which One Are You?

8th January 2019 Off By Chloe Sullivan

Remote Working is a term which associates with both positive and negative connotations. Some fear it may be a daunting, lonely lifestyle while others are delighted at the prospect of being able to work closer to family and friends. We have gone one step further and defined our umbrella term, “SmartWorking”, which covers different types of remote working. One which might just suit you!

Four Types of Remote Working:

1. Office-based with a work-from-home option (hybrid)

These companies operate from one or more physical offices and give teammates the option to work from home one or more days per week. Commute to the office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and work from home on Thursdays and Fridays. Hybrid roles don’t decrease productivity, rather contribute to the well-being of employees and offer them the flexibility they need to succeed company goals and also be their for family and friends.

2. A remote team, in a single time zone

This is a truly remote setup with no expectations to show up to the office (if there even is an office). Teams may opt to work occasionally together from co-working spaces such as Republic of Work in Cork or Huckletree in Dublin. It is definitely cheaper for companies as they reduce fixed costs by not renting a permanent office space and weekly/monthly meet ups are still accessible.

3. A worldwide remote team spread across numerous time zones

A step further is to have the remote team spread across different time zones — a setup where asynchronous collaboration becomes even more vital. Colleagues are likely to have just a few hours of overlap with other people on the team. This setup requires a little more structure to make communication and collaboration efficient but can work as we have started to see in the world of mining!

4. A fully distributed team with nomadic team members

This is the most advanced case of remote working. It’s a fully remote team where some of the team members are nomadic and traveling among different timezones with regularity. This type of remote working relies heavily on good communication, trust and good tech resources yet shows how trusting company culture can be!

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