Time Management Tips For SmartWorkers

Time Management Tips For SmartWorkers

18th October 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s a phrase we feel strongly about at Abodoo. Being smarter about the way we work is far more beneficial for us and our employers. Here, we take a look at some nifty time management tips to make the most of your work hours.

Prepare The Day Before

Before you turn off the laptop for the evening, take a few minutes to make a short list of the tasks you need to complete tomorrow. Getting into this habit will be hugely beneficial for your productivity and will ensure that you’ll never be left scratching your head wondering what you need to do next.


This might seem like common sense, but it’s amazing how often we find ourselves focusing on projects that aren’t due yet over ones that are. List all your current duties, responsibilities and projects on a sheet of paper with their deadlines and due dates beside them. This way you’ll be able to clearly see what is urgent and what needs to take a backseat.

Create Time Blocks

Do you find your energy and focus is completely zapped after two hours of work? Perhaps working in shorter segments would be more beneficial. When tackling a project, set a time block of an hour and see how you get on. Take a fifteen minute break between each block to recover and then start again. You’d be surprised how much work you can get done using this method.

Create Time Blocks

Focus On One Task

It goes without saying that focusing on one thing is far less stresseful than trying to focus on several. Remove all distractions, close that Netflix tab and hide your phone in a desk drawer. Now find the most important task and complete it. Find the next one and then complete that. It’s better to be on top of things than overwhelmed by them.

Start Earlier

One of the perks of being a SmartWorker is having more free time for you. But if you find yourself working late day after day, then maybe you need to start earlier. Studies have shown that humans are more productive in the early hours, so why not set an earlier alarm and get a head start on your colleagues. If this doesn’t work, perhaps you should take our next tip into consideration.

Learn To Say No

Maybe the reason you’re struggling with your time is because you simply don’t have enough to do all your work. We’re not saying you should refuse to do what you’re boss asks you to do. Just be mindful of the work you already have to do before accepting more.

Working smarter has never been easier. To find a smart career perfectly suited for you, register with Abodoo.