Productivity, SmartWorking and You

Productivity, SmartWorking and You

15th August 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Yes, the struggle is real. Productivity, that elusive, almost imaginary idea that work can actually get done is a universal problem known to all. From the lowliest student to the highest CEO, productivity can often be hard to come by. But there are certain steps we can take to make sure it isn’t always so fleeting. Here, we list our top tips for regaining productivity for both SmartWorkers and our office-going counterparts.

Get Rid of Distractions

An obvious option for anyone looking to be more productive, removing yourself from distractions can help increase your productivity tenfold. Of course, this can be particularly hard in today’s world where social media and frequent news updates are constantly demanding our attention. However, there is software available to keep you away from these guilty pleasures. Apps such as Offline and Freedom are designed to block access to sites like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and even Gmail if you’ve got an inbox dependency. But if you’re more old school and find yourself distracted by interferences in the real world, then perhaps our second tip might get you back on track.

Set Realistic Goals

It goes without saying that setting realistic goals is far more effective than aiming for those you’re unlikely to reach anytime soon. By setting realistic goals, we put less pressure on ourselves to accomplish tasks that could take days or even weeks to complete. Think of work as a relay race. Rather than burn yourself out racing to the finish line, get into the habit of reaching a particular point instead. This way you will have made progress without wasting all your energy and concentration on work that you haven’t gotten around to yet.

Stop Multitasking

This is easier said than done, but if you are one of those people who finds themselves unable to spin multiple plates, then maybe it’s time to step back and stop. We understand that for some jobs multitasking is a requirement, but if it’s beginning to negatively impact your work, you should probably take that as a sign to hit the pause button. Before you clock out at the end of each day, try jotting down all your tasks for the following day in order of priority. That way you will know exactly what needs to be done and you will be able to dedicate time to each task. Multitasking may seem like a gift for many people, but for others it is a recipe for disaster. Know your limitations and don’t be afraid to reassess your time. It’s in you and your employer’s best interests.

Get The Menial Stuff Out Of The Way Early

Perhaps the reason you find yourself multitasking so often is because your job involves taking care of various menial tasks. Such tasks can prove to be problematic, especially if they distract you from more important duties. Try allotting time just for these smaller responsibilities. By getting them out of the way earlier rather than later, you will be able to able to tackle the important work with a clearer, more focused mind.

With the recent announcement that workers reported increased productivity when working from home, it might be time to re-evaluate the way we work. Productivity issues have been observed in almost every workplace, but they can be overcome. If SmartWorking really is a solution to this global problem, then maybe you should consider making the switch.

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