Top 4 Tips for Career Networking

Top 4 Tips for Career Networking

1st October 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

It’s a new week, a new start….and time for some #SmartNetworking. Networking doesn’t have to be a transactional, tit-for-tat experience where you connect with others solely for the sake of furthering your career. Rather forming a friendship where the major basis for your relationship is work-related. And go from there!

Following the The Networking Summit which took place in the Carlton Airport Hotel Dublin, we felt inspired to share our top 4 tips that will ensure you maximise your networking opportunities and #GainTheEdge.


1.Make the effort, meet lots of people

Networking does not necessarily have to be done in a, ‘work’, only setting. When it comes to building a community, it helps to be social. The more people you get to know, the more likely you are to make connections with people who might know of a job opportunity or expert within your field. Look for opportunities to broaden your network- this can be as small as chitchatting along the canal, introducing yourself to a speaker at a conference, or saying hello to that person you see every day in the gym. Little conversations, big connections!

2. Connect with people online after meeting to stay in touch

Don’t be shy about connecting with people you’ve met in person on social networks. Of course, it is important to keep all contact professional but by connecting digitally, you will be more visible on LinkedIn than on a business card or email, which can easily get filed away and forgotten. Your tweets, LinkedIn posts, and other social media activity can make your relationship with connections feel closer and more intimate. You may even have mutual connections that could lead to another connection.

3. It’s not all about give and take

The old view of networking was that relationships were of a “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” mantra. Networking does not always have to be about giving and taking and while you might not benefit from a connection straight away, you never know what ventures may come about in the future that may need expertise. If you see an opportunity to recommend someone in your network for a job, introductory interview, or any other career-related opportunities, definitely do so!


4. Networking has no limits

Gone are the days of the golf appointment and formal drinks gatherings structured around a professional affiliation. Attending more formal networking events is a fantastic way to meet new people but it is by no means the only place where you can network. Once you think of it more as “forming connections” rather than networking, it’s easy to see the infinite opportunities to build your network that are available- whether it be at the local festival in town, after the gym, in the school yard or at the sports club AGM, you can talk about work and your career-related goals in a positive light to share ideas, contacts and inspiration.

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