8 Tips For Remote Working While Travelling

8 Tips For Remote Working While Travelling

29th January 2019 Off By Ashima Madan

Travelling can be a lot of work in itself. You are arranging important documents, creating an itinerary, spending long hours in the commute, and getting exhausted during sightseeing.

Amidst all this, if you need to work while travelling then there needs to be a process that you must follow. If you are new to the idea of attempting work while travelling, then here are a few tips you’ll find useful.

lightweight laptop for working while travelling

Make sure you carry a lightweight laptop. Not only is that convenient when you have baggage restrictions on your flight, but it also means you have less weight on your shoulder when you’re on the go.

different time zones for working while travelling

Use the time difference to your advantage. Pick a destination that has a radically different time zone compared to your base location. If you plan diligently, your company’s working hours might turn out to be early in the morning or late in the night for your current time zone. This should free up plenty of time in the day when most of the tourist attractions are open.

wifi symbol

Always plan for internet connectivity. A stable high-speed internet connection is crucial to the concept of remote working. To ensure you don’t run into trouble, research the internet facilities across your destination country before travelling. You should always look for complimentary wifi before booking your hotel. In many places across the world, cafes and public transport offer free wifi. But if not, you can buy a local SIM card with a data plan and use that as a hotspot. Make sure your device is unlocked and able to accept other SIM cards.

office chair, coffee, tea, people for working while travelling

Make use of local coworking spaces. Depending on the nature of your work, public wifi may not be the most secure for you. Moreover, if you prefer to work in an office space for better concentration, then you can avail of the many coworking hubs across the world.

tasks list, hourglass, calendar for working while travelling

Make a schedule and stick to it. If you need to arrange calls, meetings, or any deliverables, then plan them in advance. Incorporate your work and travels in a daily schedule and try to stay clear of changes. Even if you must add a last minute change, don’t compromise on your total working hours of the week.

sign post, beach scenery, Eiffel tower

Plan your sightseeing without any disturbances. Once you have made a schedule, allow no interferences in your travelling time. You didn’t come all the way to the Eiffel tower to do a conference call from its top. Make sure that your colleagues and clients respect your work while travelling flexibility by always delivering on time and respecting their own working hours.


Carry noise cancelling headphones. You never know when and where you might have to set up an office. Don’t let background noise get in your way to hitting send on that important delivery. You could also just tune in to your favourite music and continue working. If you wish, create a special playlist for this reason and put it on your laptop.

power adapter for working while travelling

Don’t forget a universal power adapter. As trivial as it may seem, a lot depends on whether you can plug in your laptop or mobile charger. Carry a few of these so that you are always on top of things.

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