The Ultimate Diversity Compilation

The Ultimate Diversity Compilation

19th December 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Our incredible #DiversitySeries comes to an end today. For the last two months, we’ve been looking at the different concepts surrounding the importance of Diversity and Inclusion. Below you’ll find a compilation of every aspect we’ve approached for our dear #DiversitySeries.

Unconscious Bias Starts With You

Unconscious Bias Starts With You - Compilation

Where there is a brain, there is a bias. Unconscious bias is a natural mechanism of our brain. It works as mental shortcuts that associate to our unconscious preferences. Usually, these are based on our personal experiences, social preferences, cultural norms, and even media representation.

This subconscious process affects our perception and we don’t even realise how. Here we discussed here how can we identify our biases and raise our awareness to be smarter than our brains.

Spotting Bias in the Workplace

Spotting Bias in the Workplace - Compilation

How does our unconscious bias affect our work routine?

Our rooted subconscious preferences manifest in our daily behaviors. They can have a huge impact on our decision-making and our relationships with colleagues.

To bring you one step closer to a diverse work environment, we identified the 7 most common forms of unconscious biases and the most common work situations where they take place.

Overcoming Bias Requires Education, Implementation & Practice

Overcoming Bias Requires Education, Implementation and Practice - Compilation

Do you dream of a more diverse and inclusive workforce? What’s the best way to achieve it? Where should you start?

Overcoming biases is a challenge for many companies.

We put together the 4 basic steps to control our biases with real-life examples of companies striving to find new ways to ensure diversity and inclusion.

Neurodiversity – A Chance to Think Differently [Interview]

Neurodiversity: A Chance to Think Differently

Abodoo spoke with Miriam O’Sullivan, Co-Founder of myAcessHub, to gain some leadership insights into the concept of Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity values neurological differences and their huge potential for business.

Miriam discusses the best practices, how to reap and measure the benefits of Neurodiversity, and what the future holds for Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce.

How Big Data Can Be Your Diversity Ally

How Big Data Can Be Your Diversity Ally

It’s all about the data!

There is a reason why big data is on the rise within companies. In digital times, technology can be a great supporter.

If used responsibly, data analytics can be key to help companies reach their Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) goals.

In this article, we explain how you can use big data to guarantee a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The potential and rewards are huge!

How to Implement Diversity Best Practices

How to Implement Diversity Best Practices

Diversity has proven to be a competitive advantage for companies that are looking for some groundbreaking insights.

The tricky part is putting that theory into practice.

D&I takes time and effort, from companies and from individuals.

We’ve chosen a few examples of successful practices when implementing a diverse strategy. 

Are you suffering from Diversity Fatigue?

Are you suffering from Diversity Fatigue?

Tired of constantly hearing and reading about Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)? Feel that D&I topics are getting repetitive?

You might be suffering from Diversity Fatigue, an issue that is haunting employers and employees around the globe. People are finding it hard to stay motivated when the message doesn’t match real progress and action. Here we address the issue and suggest solutions to boost your D&I.

7 Things Leaders Must Do for Diversity & Inclusion

7 Things Leaders Must Do for Diversity & Inclusion

Companies that are willing to improve their D&I must have leaders that care.

Leadership requires way more than just managing work demands. Your values and words must be aligned with your action. It is important that leaders learn how to develop a trustworthy and empathic mindset.

We help you to do so with the 7 top tips on how leadership can improve diversity.

Cognitive Diversity – Different Ideas Driving Innovation

Cognitive Diversity - Different Ideas Driving Innovation - Compilation

Cognitive Diversity is an aspect of Diversity that remains underrepresented in businesses. Why is it so important?

The answer is simple: same thinking, same ideas.

You won’t get too far if everyone around you shares the same point of view.

We analyse the challenges of Cognitive Diversity and how to reap all the benefits.


Diversity is a topic very close to our hearts at Abodoo and one of the main reasons the company was started. Our smart matching algorithms are based on matching professional skills and requirements. Biases can harm decision making so we built a more fair and impartial way to screen and hire.

We’ve learned so much since we first started the series and we want to keep doing our best to help people and companies do the same.

If you’re an advocate for diversity, passionate for multicultural spaces and innovation, register today to start your SmartWorking journey!