My Journey to SmartWorking | Ross Good

My Journey to SmartWorking | Ross Good

9th July 2018 Off By Guest Blogger

Today’s passionate guest blogger Ross Good, shares his personal journey to SmartWorking.

The world is changing. Technology is changing. In fact, the world is being changed by technology. Mindsets are changing. The workplace is changing. Life is changing.

In the grand scheme of things, smart working is a relatively newish concept. But not so new that it confuses the hell out of people. Some people call it ‘working from home’. Others refer to it as ‘working remotely’. I prefer ‘SmartWorking’ because it simply is a smarter way to work in today’s world powered by technology.

Let’s imagine the following…..

  • No commutes – long or otherwise which removes the danger & stress of driving
  • No calls to someone on your level or above you saying ‘Sorry but I’m going to be late, I’m stuck in traffic…..(again!)
  • Better Work / Life Balance – agh, the mecca of work which everyone craves
  • No HQ – big cash can be saved here. Pump that back into your or employees salaries and the best people will want to work for you pretty soon.

From Start Up’s to SMEs to huge worldwide companies the shift is happening.

Irrespective of preferred choice, most Start Up’s have to work from home due to funding/cash flow restraints at the beginning. However, some continue to ‘work smarter’ even after raising funds. Flip the coin and there are some huge companies world wide who deploy a 100% smart working environment for their employees as standard. (Zapier & Buffer spring to mind – take a peek at some others here).

I’ve had the benefit of experiencing both sides of the coin. If I may indulge you, allow me to give you an insight into my journey from the office to smart working.

Picture it – small Dublin office. 2 / 3 employees max. Year was 2000 to 2010. I was a kiddo at the start – just gone 20 – barely out of his country nappies and now in the big smoke. Pensions & Life Assurance was the game.

Brilliant man at the helm. Character, funny, witty, sharp and best salesman going. He missed nothing. I swear he could actually smell money. (Seriously!!).‘Selling Ice to the Eskimos’ must have been based on this fella. Proud to say we’re still friends to this day.

But the concept of smart working (from home or anywhere bar the office) just wasn’t an option. It wasn’t in his mindset. He was also a self confessed technophobe so even if the plethora of apps we have available to us today were alive then, I don’t think it would have made any difference.

Probably doesn’t sound very different from most jobs in Ireland at the time right? But imagine if they were?

Jesus, when I think of it. All those needless hours of driving. For 6 of the 10 years, I had a 3½ hour commute each day. Dangerous*. Energy sapping. Mood altering. Lack of family time only to get up early to wash & repeat. (*especially in winter).

Bloody hell. What work/life balance?

How about this?

  • How about I don’t leave home at 7am to drive X kms just to be there for 9am – how about I get online at 7am from home and crush it? Now that’s smart.
  • How about I’ll actually work quicker & better without distractions like talking about the football last night for 30 mins? Now that’s smart.
  • How about I’ll never be late for a meeting again (bar a serious reason) due to being stuck in traffic? Now that’s smart.

I’d have spent quality time with my family/wife/partner the day/evening before which helps to reduce stress and improves our mood. I can see the headlines now…..

Happy Hubby/Wife is crushing it at work after kicking the commute to work, gets to spend quality time with family every day, benefits from a proper sleep and starts work at 7am from home fresh as a daisy#winningatlife

BTW – Don’t get me wrong, smart working is still working. There is no hiding place just because you are at home or in the converted log cabin out the back. Deadlines still have to be met. Deals still need to be struck. Work still needs to be done.

But I think it can be done in a smarter way that benefits all.

If there’s an option for smart working, I know which I’d choose. If there’s not an option for you at the moment, well there should be – talk to your boss.

To be continued…….

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Guest Blogger Bio:

Ross Good, SmartWorking, Abodoo‘Ross Good is a Full Time Stay at Home Dad looking after his two girls and dog. He gave up work after needing 4 stents inserted into his heart at 37 due to hereditary Heart Disease.

Since becoming a SAHD, he blogs at The Stented Papa and was the only Irish Daddy blogger finalist for the Best Parenting Award at the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017. He has appeared in a number of TV shows and has recently started a new business with his wife Mel called Booky Wooky.’