Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern – Week 26

Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern – Week 26

22nd February 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

What an exciting and media packed week! Coming to you from New York, Delhi and Dublin, our interns share their stories of the week! Happy Friday everyone!


Hello folks! How are you all? Enjoying that Friday feeling? Me too! I am so glad it’s the weekend because that means no college and no need to wake up early in the morning! This week has been absolutely buzzing with activity. With back-to-back lectures and assignments lined up, I am so happy to be #smartworking and not having to get in to work every day. Everyday is something new, something challenging. This week was full of exciting blogs and a seriously impressive line-up of events that I’d recommend everybody to register for. The best part of my #flexibleworking arrangements is that I can manage everything from the comfort of my home and laptop, and even better is the superbly talented and creative team that I work with. I’m telling you, if you want that #TGIF feeling everyday, switch to smart working right away!


Happy Friday everyone! The past few weeks have been non-stop busy with exams, papers, and assignments. Thankfully after this upcoming Wednesday my workload will be more manageable. Today my Arts of India class is going to New York City to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I am spending the weekend with my older sister who lives in Brooklyn. I am very excited to go because I love New York and I have never been to The Met before! When I return I have two papers to submit and an exam to take on Tuesday 🙁 I am so lucky to be a #SmartWorking intern because I don’t know how I’d manage an internship otherwise! Our team is so flexible and easy to work with. No matter how much we are all juggling, we all support one another to keep Abodoo on everyone’s radar. Have a fantastic weekend!


Hi all! This week I was really proud of myself for being a part of Abodoo. If you haven’t been able to catch up with our social updates, then let me tell you why. Abodoo was invited by the Irish government to speak about smart working and rural regeneration this Wednesday. As I sat in my room, looking at the video of Vanessa and Louise representing not just Abodoo but the entire concept of smart working, I was honestly in awe.

We have a really small team of fewer than 10 people and all our efforts to put Abodoo out there, in order to be heard and to push the movement for sustainable smart working seem very tiny in the giant scheme of things. But this prestigious opportunity is proof that somewhere we are doing something right. I hope that our journey from here is as exciting as this and the super inspiring ladies of Abodoo get to speak at a global forum of smart working soon.