Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 6

Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 6

31st August 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan


This week started on the best note having had a two day weekend off! For the first weekend in a long, long time I didn’t have work in my other job and I didn’t check my emails or notifications once…not even a quick refresh! It was well needed and it always amazes me how much I used to take free time for granted when I was younger.

Now, I nearly panic that I won’t get enough and will end up spending every minute of every week of my life working and miss out on the most important things! Of course, it’s excellent to be busy and always working towards goals but sometimes I think you just need to sit back and make sure that you are striking the right balance between work and, “adventure time”, as I like to call it. And if not- make a plan. I know it’s easier said than done but it really is worth it when you make a lifestyle change for the better. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for the extra hours I get to utilise daily by #SmartWorking 🙂 This weekend is back to business but we have an exciting few weeks ahead with Team Abodoo that we are all so looking forward to. Stay tuned to find out.. 🙂


I can’t understand where my energy came from today (Thursday). It was like somebody had spiked me with fifty Red Bulls. Even before my first coffee (I only have two a day), I was feeling really energised. It can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to work from home, which is funny because I literally wrote the article on that subject.

So, taking my own advice, I woke extra early each morning and went to the gym. I can only conclude that this is where my burst of vitality came from. Getting into a routine, getting out of the house early, it all combines to help us lead more productive lives.

If I wasn’t SmartWorking, there would be no way in hell I would have any free time. On the few occasions I’ve met the Abodoo team in Dublin, I calculated that my daily commute would be two hours each way. That’s four hours of my day wasted! If that was happening every day, then I could wave goodbye to exercise, hanging with my friends and my down-time. Knowing me, I would only have the energy to eat, sleep, work, repeat. And to think my father used to do twelve hour shifts with that commute when my sister and I were still in primary school. Yikes!

Anyways, rant over. How are you? Hopefully sipping a coffee and reading this in-between responding to emails from the comfort of your home or a coworking space. That’s the only way to do it. Trust me.


I’m in love with digital design. More specifically, I love discovering and using digital programs. Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate. I just love it! But one of the problems in using this kind of program would be the space they occupy in the computer’s memory.

It takes a good computer to use several of these programs along with the internet. I always take good care of my computer, as I constantly need it to work, study or just watch a good movie over the weekend.

But unfortunately, however good your computer is, it always has that moment when it crashes. And, as I hardly have what they call luck, it happened at the moment that I am working in the same file for several hours. And certainly, it is always with that file that you forgot to make any copies previously.

After restarting the computer and realizing that you have lost a few hours of work, I can say that patience is a constant exercise. And as much as you trust your computer, saving your work every ten minutes is essential.

Besides that it’s been a quiet week. I’ve been learning a lot working on the whitepapers and infographics for Abodoo. It can be really difficult to balance design with information and make it work, but when you send the final version of something, and you’re happy with it, it’s always a victory.

The only thing missing now is the sun. How I miss it.

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