Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 10

Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 10

5th October 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Shivtej and I are back this week working on content and data. We have a lot going on but we’re so happy and grateful we can still count on Chloe and Thomas’ help. #SmartWorking is a passion indeed!


Hello everyone! I feel like I’m officially back and fully energised with the #SmartWorking spirit.

On Monday I went to Iconic Offices for my induction with Shivtej and to catch up with Louise. It was a brilliant day! We sat down the three of us and we brain stormed a bunch of ideas and projects for content and data. In the afternoon, Louise and I went through HubSpot and organised the content planning for the next days. By the end of our talk my to-do list was full but it felt so good! I was so excited with all the new materials I had (and still have) to research and create content for.

On Tuesday I had a great Zoom Call with Chloe! We shared tasks and planned new topics for the blog next week. Besides work, Chloe is so nice and helpful so it was lovely talking to her!

The rest of my week was a bit crazy. I thought I would have my mornings to work on content and to join Abodoo’s team Zoom calls but I had to cover 2 full days for my colleague in my other job cause she hurt her foot.

However, #SmartWorking definitely makes it easier to manage your tasks, especially if you have to deal with last-minute duties. You are able to sort out your hours with your to-do’s for the week. 🙂 And by the way, I have to say I’m completely in love with Slack. It’s just so handy!

The great news is.. next week Chloe and Thomas we’ll help us with their brilliant content so I’ll have my planned hours to focus on research. I feel like I can’t get enough of #SmartWorking and don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it!


As a data analyst, you have to have a focused mind and fresh environment. I do lot of stuff in a day like yoga, study new things, read books and go out with friends.

I bet you’re wondering about my schedule and thinking ‘is this not his weekend schedule?’, right?

No! My daily schedule is when I wake up in the morning I do my yoga and then start my #SmartWorking day. It helps me to give my maximum quality time to work. I think 5 hours job can be done in 2 hours if you have a good state of mind and your own environment.

After a few working hours I take a small break to learn something new like online courses, TEDx, etc. It helps to improve my thinking on a daily basis.

When I get back to work it just flows so well. #SmartWorking is all about your convenience. You are free to choose your time and space. On the other hand, it also comes with a lot of responsibility like trust, loyalty and of course data protection.

That’s it for this week people. Hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you again next Friday!
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