6 Inspiring SmartWorking Stories

6 Inspiring SmartWorking Stories

16th December 2018 Off By Thomas Murray


As our 12 Days of Christmas series continues, we take a look at 6 Inspiring SmartWorking Stories.



1. My Journey to SmartWorking by Ross Good

Ross Good’s series has brought countless smiles to our faces. From working in a tiny Dublin office to a full-time remote position, Ross’s journey shows us exactly how beneficial SmartWorking can be.


2. Some Unexpected Joys and Consequences of SmartWorking by Meadhbh Hand

Meadhbh Hand weighs the pros and cons of SmartWorking in this insightful post.


3. My Remote Working Story by Stuart Cooke

If everyone embraced SmartWorking the way Stuart Cooke has we’d all be full of positivity. A truly excellent personal tale of how changing the way we work can benefit us greatly.


4. I’m Not Remotely Interested by Joy Redmond

We love Joy’s article because, as she says, SmartWorking isn’t just about location, “but extends to the actual role and associated agility, the flexibility regarding the hours and also the diversity of projects.”


5. SmartWorking in Law: The Struggle is Real by Maura Holly

We were fascinated by Maura’s story when we first heard it. An accomplished solicitor, Maura returned to work after her maternity leave and found that flexibility and law don’t go together. But she continues to have hope and even discovered two law firms that have SmartWorking policies in place.


6. A Personal Story and Journey to SmartWorking by Helen Adams

“What happens when you move country, start a family and then feel that it’s time to re-engage with your career, only to find that the landscape has changed in every possible way?” Read Helen’s personal tale to find out.