Your Solution to Sunday Blues

Your Solution to Sunday Blues

11th March 2018 Off By Vanessa Tierney

Sunday Blues

It doesn’t really matter how old you are, when Friday afternoon hits you feel great as you take that first step out of the office and breath in the fresh air.  You think about whether you’ll do something lovely with the children, meet up with some friends, do your favourite sport, go for a hike, have a few drinks or a dance. The Saturday morning lie in (minus babies) is bliss and you still feel just like that start of a holiday with plenty of free time ahead of you. Saturday evening comes and you know you can still relax as there is another day left to recover if you really let your hair down.  Sunday morning brings blissful, lazy paper reading, croissants, radio listening and occasional indulgence in a big lunch.

THEN BANG it’s the late afternoon, similar to any evening before a work day and the slow dread starts to creep in of early start, suit and boots, war paint or male equivalent and then the COMMUTE. One of my friend’s daughter who is 15 asked “why does everyone start and finish work at the same time to just sit in traffic? Smart question. Why do we?

Now imagine this; you work a 40 hour week, have the same career progression opportunities as today but you commute maybe once or twice a month. You claim back the prep time, the drive time, the polite “how was your weekend” time. You skip the lunch hour where you know every available wrap and salad sold within a 1 mile distance. You lose the tension as you are finishing that last e-mail but you have missed the window and will face extra traffic. All of a sudden you get all of that time back. You find you are happier and happen to be more productive and even have more in your pocket because let’s face it, a beautiful coffee made at home is a fraction of what we pay outside.

Each year working remote has meant something different to me depending on where my life was at that point in time.

In my late 20’s

  • Freedom to work from where I wanted (mind blowing when you really think about where you could go)
  • Independence (it’s very empowering to be trusted and the reins loosened)
  • Fitness (when you have a free hour you just go but are contactable of course)

In my early 30’s

  • Comfort when pregnant (we all know morning sickness and travelling are not a good combo!)
  • More time with my babies (the choice to go back to work when I wanted but still be close to them was amazing)

In my mid to late 30’s

  • Ability to be at the school gates (the most common thing parents who work in an office say they
  • would like more of)
  • Financials (statically people save anywhere from €5-10k per year, this is great additional money
  • to have)
  • Career progression important again. 5 years ago this was not really possible but today it really is right up there with office based roles.


When on a sunny day you don’t have to commute, can wear shorts, take lunch in the garden and, in the late afternoon, already be home to play with the children outside! That is what life is about.

So if the Sunday blues do start to develop on your afternoons and you want more life back but not at the sacrifice of your career then I recommend you pre-register on – a platform that launches very soon and will advise you on how to transition and even give you some great career matches.

Have a great day wherever you might be!