SmartWorkers by Sector – UK & Ireland [Infographic]

SmartWorkers by Sector – UK & Ireland [Infographic]

5th September 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

As technology continues to transform the way we live, shop, talk and learn, so too is it changing the way we work. People from all walks of life are embracing SmartWorking and the positive changes that come with it.

By choosing to smart work (be it remote, flexible, co-working or hybrid), an average smart worker can save up to €11,000 per year, not to mention the invaluable time gained from losing the daily commute. At Abodoo, we’re connecting talented workers with SmartWorking careers. Whether you’re a software engineer or an accountant, our smart matching technology will match you with your ideal job, career and organisation.

With over 10,000 members registered with Abodoo across Ireland and the UK (and growing rapidly by the day), we decided to take a deeper look into our data to see if there were any emerging trends or significant differences in companies and employees SmartWorking across sectors. We’ve compiled our findings in this useful infographic which highlights the growing trends of SmartWorking across all professional areas.

SmartWorkers by Sector- UK and Ireland

Computing and IT is the most popular SmartWorking sector in Ireland at 36.37% while Law appears to be the least popular sector at 0.36%. Admin comes in at a close second with 24.88%.

SmartWorkers by Sector Ireland

In the UK, Admin jobs appear to be the most popular at 24.67% while Law also appears to be the least popular sector at 1.02%. Customer service is the second most popular with a substantial 24.07%.

SmartWorkers by Sector UK

Interestingly, remote Customer Service roles in the UK are more than double its Irish equivalent. While architecture, education, marketing and media figures are pretty similar across both the UK and Ireland, it is interesting to see that Finance/ Fintech, historically one of the most highly regulated sectors, have almost 4% more Smart Workers in Ireland than in the UK. Certainly a trend to watch as the war for talent and employee retention continues.

With the integration of technology into previously untapped professions, SmartWorking is becoming an increasingly sensible way for us to live our lives.

As our SmartWorking accountant friends would say, the numbers speak for themselves.