Smart Villages Are The Future

Smart Villages Are The Future

14th September 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

When a community comes together, anything is possible.

For decades, rural towns and villages have endured the loss of their family and neighbours to emigration and cities. Recently, it was revealed that more than 70 towns across Ireland have not recovered to pre-recession levels.

There comes a time when enough is enough. It’s time for change.

Introducing Smart Villages.

What Are Smart Villages?

Smart Villages, or “Villages of the Future,” are community-led initiatives that empower rural areas to overcome the digital divide between urban and rural areas through improved connectivity.

Countries around Europe are exploring ideas and initiatives around revitalising rural services through digital and social innovation. They’re looking at how rural services – such as health, social services, education, energy, transport, retail – can be improved and made more sustainable through the deployment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools.

By investing in a village’s internet connection, it will be possible to establish coworking hubs which act as a communal office space for a community to work from.

In early September 2016, more than 340 rural stakeholders gathered in Cork, Ireland and developed a vision for the future of EU rural areas. Under the heading “A Better Life in Rural Areas,” the Cork Declaration 2.0 sets out the expectations and aspirations of rural areas. It aims to develop the potential offered by connectivity and digitisation of rural areas and act as a stepping stone to connecting our villages and countryside.


What Are The Benefits Of Developing Smart Villages?

  • Towns and villages experience cultural and economic growth and regeneration.
  • Villages become ‘smart,’ with improved internet speed and connectivity.
  • Villages become more attractive to foreign and domestic investors.
  • It provides greater opportunities for the jobseekers.
  • It solves many of the big societal challenges such as diversity, climate change and the sustainable provision of food, biomass and energy.
  • Villages become more attractive to future home-owners.
  • Tourism and culture can stimulate employment and investment in rural areas.
  • Encourage diaspora to return to their home villages and prevent further brain drain from local villages.


How Will Abodoo Aid The Development Of Smart Villages?

With Abodoo’s help, these towns and villages will launch social media campaigns targeting their diaspora, unemployed and daily commuters with a message to come back home where greater career options are now available.

By identifying the key skills a village contains, Abodoo can then create a Talent Heat Map for government agencies and key decision makers in companies looking for top talent.

Abodoo will:

  1. Locate rural towns and villages which meet the criteria.
  2. Assist in the development of high-speed internet connectivity and a coworking space where each individual has the tools they need to work.
  3. Empower the community to start a SmartVillage campaign for their region.
  4. Help spread the word to the global diaspora, friends and family who have left our shores.
  5. Once a community has registered their skills on our platform, Abodoo can then create a Talent Heat Map to show employers the talent a town contains.
  6. Ensure rural regeneration by making our towns and villages a hub for investment and innovation.



Developing Smart Villages will enable new types of business models to emerge, such as portal-based services, and assist existing rural businesses to connect, integrate and cooperate better with urban-based businesses.

Smart Villages are, by definition, smart! They’re good for the community, its economy and its sustainability. By investing in your village’s broadband infrastructure, you can ensure the prosperity and happiness of its future.


Want to be part of this Smart Villages of the Future initiative?