Smart Villages & Co-Working Hubs Initiatives

Smart Villages & Co-Working Hubs Initiatives

16th October 2018 Off By Louise O'Conor

When a community comes together, anything is possible.

As you know, at Abodoo we’re passionate about all things SmartWorking. That’s why we’ve launched two amazing new initiatives dedicated to supporting the regeneration of rural towns and communities as vibrant and viable locations to work.

1. Smart Villages

For decades, rural towns and villages have endured the loss of their family and neighbours to emigration and cities. Recently, it was revealed that more than 70 towns across Ireland have not recovered to pre-recession levels.

Smart Villages, or “Villages of the Future,” are community-led initiatives that empower rural areas to overcome the digital divide between urban and rural areas through improved connectivity.

How It Works:

  1. Locate rural towns and villages which meet the criteria.
  2. Assist in the development of high-speed internet connectivity and a coworking space where each individual has the tools they need to work.
  3. Empower the community to start a SmartVillage campaign for their region.
  4. Help spread the word to the global diaspora, friends and family who have left our shores.
  5. Once a community has registered their skills on our platform, Abodoo can then create a Talent Heat Map to show employers the talent a town contains.
  6. Ensure rural regeneration by making our towns and villages a hub for investment and innovation.

2. Co-Working Hubs

There is no doubt that co-working spaces and practices are on the rise globally. But what makes these spaces so effective and what can we expect in the future?

According to our research, by 2022 there is estimated to be over 35,900 co-working hubs around the world. That’s an increase of 90% in just four years! And if we go back to when the concept of co-working started, the results show a massive increase of 10,769,100%!

Co-Working Hubs Growth Trends

Visit our Co-Working Hubs to ensure your hub is listed!

If not and you’d like it to be or if you’re interested in participating in our Smart Villages initiative, please drop us a note and we’ll be in touch ASAP!