The Critical Skills Shaping the Future of Work

The Critical Skills Shaping the Future of Work

4th January 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

If you think that the workforce has seen enough changes already, you probably need to be prepared for a few more.  The way we see work today will be entirely different in a few years. New generations are making room for new perspectives, ideas, and mindsets. This whole scenario has great potential but all these changes are complex and are happening at a rapid rate. For this reason, we need to develop new skills to adapt to a new reality. Here’s how.

What is Shaping the Future Of Work?


Our planet is our home and it needs our help. We need to take actions to overcome issues as climate change, lack of resources and waste production. The need to protect our planet has created new businesses, job roles and opportunities.


Every sector will be affected by technology. McKinsey study found that artificial intelligence and automation will replace 88% jobs in 13 years. That’s a shockingly high percentage!


Globalization, telecommunication and now the advance of social media. This complex scenario enables us to to constantly connected, interacting and consuming information on a minute by minute basis.


Broad cultural changes put valuing people and diversity in the highest regard, as they should be. In the workplace, the trend is towards a more relaxed and inclusive working atmosphere based on output and not hours spent doing it.

What are the Skills of the Future?

These new forces are developing new demands and, consequently, new solutions. Therefore new skills are and will be required. Here are a few we believe will be crucial. 

Soft Skills

With the advance of automation and artificial intelligence, we will need to be more human. Some of the soft skills include self-knowledge, interpersonal intelligence, empathy and punctuality.


The skill of creative intelligence will be essential to think outside the box and find new way and means of coming up with new solutions.

Human-Tech Relation

Are you hooked on notifications? Do you have a healthy relation with technology?  The key here is to understand all the potential benefits and risks of technology. It can become an addiction and a method of self-worth. We need to be aware and cautious, all the while embracing it.

Learning & Critical Thinking

Instead of focusing on answering questions, we’ll need to focus on how to ask them. So we must have the ability to learn, analyse, listen and question before making a decision.

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