Remote Working – What age groups does it benefit the most?

Remote Working – What age groups does it benefit the most?

8th July 2019 Off By Guest Blogger

The modern workplace is in flux and remote working offers an answer to many of the issues facing employers in 2019. Flexible hours and freelance work are becoming increasingly commonplace as businesses respond to technological advances and increasingly competitive industries, as well as the changing demands and needs of their employees.

This is because remote working benefits all parties regardless of age or industry. Whilst younger workers clamor for remote working more than the older generation of workers accustomed to the travails of working in an office environment, the benefits of remote working and flexible hours can be greater for those with more responsibility and less time on their hands.

According to numerous studies, the better the health and wellbeing of employees, the more productive they will be. If you have ever commuted to work, you will be acutely aware that commuting time is one of the most significant downsides of working in a workplace. Removing this from your life can be a huge relief and a burden off your shoulders. No longer being stuck in rush hour traffic or cramming on the train significantly lowers your stress levels and removes the sizeable cost of travel at the same time. In turn, employers have a motivated workforce that is raring to go and is rarely absent from work.

Remote working enables the creative juices to flow. Whether it is taking the dog out, picking up the kids from school or walking to the shop, you can break up the pattern of your day with healthy exercise. In an office environment, the most exercise you will ever get is walking up and down the stairs, holding the clutch down and standing on a train platform. Remote working, you structure your own day. Whilst this doesn’t give you license to slack off and not get your work done; remote working enables you work to deadlines at your own leisure and in your own way. Everybody operates differently. Whether you prefer being curled up on the sofa or you’re an early riser who likes to get their work done before the birds awake from their slumber, you are able to operate in an environment that suits your needs and maximises your time and productivity.

For employees, remote working improves your health and wellbeing, lowers your stress levels and provides a new lease of life. It removes the overwhelming feeling of dread and anxiety about the commute and allows you to relax and look forward to your working day. For employers, the benefits are just as great. It is more economical – office space is expensive. It improves productivity and creates a much wider pool of applicants from which to choose the very best candidates, not just those within a commutable distance.

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Blog Post Author: William Frederick Bolton