Top Cities For Remote Working Revealed

Top Cities For Remote Working Revealed

8th August 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

In a study conducted by conference call telecommunications company Powwownow, factors such as cost of living, average monthly salary, internet speed, price of coffee, and cost of public transport were all considered when naming the top cities in the world for remote working. Each city was scored for their performance on these factors and ranked by the number of points they received.

And the winner is… *drumroll* …Prague!

The capital of the Czech Republic scored a whopping 52 points out of 75, beating Johannesburg by 7 points. Due in part to its low cost of living, Prague has become a Mecca for expats, particularly those from neighbouring EU states who do not require a work permit to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle it has to offer.

Just take a look at the score sheet:

  • Cost of Living Index = 47.87
  • Average Monthly Net Salary = €1018.76
  • Average Internet Speed (Countrywide) = 16.90 mbps
  • Cost of a Coffee (Cappuccino) = €1.82
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) = €0.91

I think I know a few people who would move there just for the coffee prices alone.

London ranked 5th in the study tied with Munich at 42 points while Hamburg, Stockholm and Luxembourg City ranked 9th, 10th and 11th respectively at 38 points each.

Although the insane rent prices in Dublin all but ensured it would not be listed, the government’s promise to roll out the National Broadband Plan by 2020 could make it – and the rest of the country – a strong contender for remote workers in the future.

Clearly there is a demand for cities to become more remote worker friendly. As more and more companies convert to the SmartWorking way of life, they are noticing the undenaible benefits of giving their employees more freedom, which in turn allows them to perform more effectively in their roles.

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