The 20 Best UK Companies To Get That Perfect Work-Life Balance

The 20 Best UK Companies To Get That Perfect Work-Life Balance

16th August 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Over the last few months you’ve heard us talk about the Top Cities for SmartWorking, the Top Industries for Hiring SmartWorkers and the Top 50 SmartWorking Companies, but which companies are giving their employees the best work-life balance?

When we saw that Glassdoor had found the Top 20, we just had to share it.

  1. Northern Gas and Power
  2. Love Energy Savings
  3. Chess ICT
  4. Environment Agency
  5. Skyscanner
  6. Equal Experts
  7. RHP
  8. Capital One
  9. Bank of England
  10. Sytner
  11. M&G
  12. Citizens Advice
  13. Goodman Masson
  14. Bromford
  15. Purplebricks
  16. Arm
  17. VMware
  18. Civica
  19. Anglian Water
  20. Thomson Reuters

According to Glassdoor, over half of their site users claimed that a healthy work-life balance was the most important benefit an employer can offer.

Interestingly, this list showcases that it is non-tech companies that are providing flexible working conditions for their employees.

“If you want to attract quality talent you need to be able to provide flexible working conditions and have a management team open to the idea of their employees working from home,” said Glassdoor managing director John Lamphiere.

“We know that a good work-life balance is important to UK jobseekers, so being a workplace where it’s valued can be a serious recruiting advantage.”

If a good work-life balance really is the most attractive aspect of any job, then employers should start making the transition to SmartWorking. More free time, improved well-being and more money saved sounds too good to be true, but it can be done.