Lose the Commute, Win at Work with SmartWorking

Lose the Commute, Win at Work with SmartWorking

10th July 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Commuting each day can pose a variety of threats to our personal and professional lives. Commuters, especially those who travel great distances for work, are more susceptible to stress, relationship problems and productivity issues. SmartWorking, on the other hand, has proven time and again to improve our quality of life both within and outside the workplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that losing the commute can help you win at work.

It Saves You Time

Time is precious, so it makes sense that we should spend it wisely. By cutting out your commute, you can make time to do all the things you normally couldn’t. Whether it’s making a healthy breakfast for the whole family or going to the gym, you can replace your commute with something that helps you be more focused and productive in the long run.

It Saves You Money

Driving is by far the most expensive way to commute with drivers spending an average of €16 per day to get to work. And while taking the bus or train is more cost-effective than driving, it doesn’t come close to how much you save when you work remotely. Finally, your hard work can pay off.

It Saves Relationships

More time spent at home means more time spent with loved ones. And with the average worker wasting more than eight hours commuting each week, you’ll no longer have to apologise for missing quality time with your children or spouse. A winner at home is a winner at work.

It Saves Your Life and Your Job

Commuting is one of the most, if not the most, stressful things a person can experience on a daily basis. It has been directly linked to a number of illnesses including headaches, diabetes, anxiety, depression and heart attacks. By losing your commute you can significantly lower your stress levels while ensuring you’ll never be reprimanded by your boss for being late again.

It Saves the Environment

With almost 2 million people commuting to work each day in Ireland, it makes sense that we should reduce our green house gas emissions. Opting to work remotely is a great way to save the environment and set an example for younger generations and your peers.

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