How your CV or Resume Can Escalate Your Career

How your CV or Resume Can Escalate Your Career

21st January 2018 Off By Vanessa Tierney

A curriculum vitae by its very meaning is to list a person’s education, qualification and previous occupation but that is just 50% of what makes you you and ultimately why you will secure an interview, offer and career.

Today it is the intangible that is assessed and your ability to position yourself for each individual job that makes you stand out. Why? Well millions have degrees, thousands have work experience, hundreds are top performers but only a select few will have the exact personality, behaviour and motivation to fit each role, company and career opportunity.

Traditionally it was thought all of this was discovered at interview but that is no longer the case. With time pressures increasing on Hiring Managers and Recruiters, it is now more important than ever to make your CV a representation of the whole you. Lets not get carried away though as we still need to achieve this within 2 to 3 pages but positioning yourself this way will bring you to the top of the application mountain early so you are called for interview and given the opportunity to shine.

First step is to create a Master Copy CV for yourself specific for the career or job opportunities that you are considering applying for. However key is to tailor it for each company and job role, ensuring that you are highlighting the key requirements and then matching skills, experience and personal drive you have in the first 200 words.  When surveyed company representatives admit that if a candidate is not clearly a strong fit on the first 30 second CV scan then they move on because of restricted time for what is quite a boring activity by the time you are viewing your 200th CV!

Top 10 Tips for Producing a World Class CV

  1. Ensure your CV showcases all the skills, attributes and experience early on
  2. Include why you want to further your career with this company, job and culture – make the job of the potential interviewer as easy as possible
  3. Include Reasons for Leaving each job – so that there is no stone left unturned
  4. Highlight greatest achievements under each job – shine, shine, shine, there is no room for self deprecation
  5. Personal achievements in many cases can be as important and give an insight to your social side
  6. Dot the i’s cross the t’s – old fashioned tip but so important because we all judge mistakes
  7. Friends to give honest feedback – ask them to review it as if you had never met, would they hire you?
  8. Include references and awards – verify and validate
  9. Ongoing learning – especially if it is relevant to the job application as it will demonstrate your hunger and desire to constantly grow
  10. Integrity is key – ensure every stat and fact adds up not only on social media accounts but when questioned at interview

Well done you have created your masterpiece which should be an excellent reflection of who you are in your entirety. Now the next piece in the puzzle is when you are contacted by a company following an application, how you can ensure that first impression on the phone has high impact where you increase your chances of a face to face interview.

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