The Industries and Jobs of Tomorrow

The Industries and Jobs of Tomorrow

3rd January 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

What changes can we expect to see in tomorrow’s workforce?
We selected emerging industries and job roles that will take place in the future!

Sustainability and Green Technologies

Fighting climate change is one of the biggest challenges of this era. On the other hand, it also makes it one of the biggest market opportunities. New eco-friendly solutions such as renewable energy sources, sustainable infrastructure, and green transportation are already being used but there’s still more to come.

Job roles such as a city planner, green architect, zero-consumption designer, and energy consultant will arise. There’s an estimate that green solutions employed around 777,000 people in the United States in 2016. The future looks bright and green.

Humans, Machines and Artificial Intelligence

There are numerous research projects and studies being conducted to better combine consciousness with technology.  Presumably we will soon have the power to upload consciousness onto machines, connect two different brains, read minds or even record and research memory. It might seem far from our reality but a recent experiment already connected two brains using the internet. Neuroscience, genetic engineering and neuro-engineering will be areas in high demand and we’ll see high growth in this sector to make this reality possible.

Example of role titles in this sector will include: Thought Hackers, Neuro-implant Technicians, Neuro-augmentation Specialists, and Neuro-robotic Engineers.

Imagination and Creativity

As automation of processes and roles are taken over by computers, humans will need to develop new and more sophisticated skills. We will need to use our imagination, human intuition and our creative and strategic thinking to think bigger and leap into the future ahead of machines.

Creativity will become even more important than ever and in high demand. 3D printing designer, virtual reality designer, organ designers are examples of creative roles expected in the near future.

Technology Ethics

Technology is neither good or bad. It is how it is used or built that can cause moral and ethical challenges. Increasingly, technology will produce new and advanced capabilities that will help to reshape the world and affect the human condition in many ways. For this reason, technology is directly related to ethics. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you know what are we talking about. Basically, the issue is not in the technology itself but how and why we use it.

Examples of new tech are virtual reality, Internet Of Things and, as we mentioned previously, brain-machine experiments. To follow such a complex scenario, we will need professionals that can build an ethical bridge between people and all the coming technologies. Jobs will be created in order to design guidelines, optimise benefits, mitigate effects and analyse any potential issues or risk.

This industry is key to the human race. Cognitive consultant, cybersecurity consultant, genetic modification ethicists, digital detective, privacy guardian are some of the roles expected to emerge in the next few years.

The Future of SmartWorking

Technology is not alone in shaping and driving new jobs and industries but it does enable the shift of mindset from needing to be in one location/ building every day. It is rapidly changing how and where we work. SmartWorking is the combined use of technology with connectivity and flexibility; it provides employees to work remotely, in co-working hubs or simply part-home, part-office. It’s a simple solution to so many global challenges such as access to talent and employee retention, spiralling rent and building costs, output and productivity, improved mental health and wellness and improved work-life balance.

We know SmartWorking is the future and is here to stay.

So sign up as a job-seeker looking for flexibility, or a company looking for talent today and be a step ahead of tomorrow!