How to Create the Ideal Workspace

How to Create the Ideal Workspace

24th July 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

When SmartWorking, it is essential to create a workspace where you will feel productive, comfortable and energetic. Many people fear that the idea of working alone may lead to loneliness – but with a few small adjustments, a preppy work area can change the mood in which you work and naturally contribute to your productivity. We have compiled a few simple yet easy tips for you to get cracking!

1) Airy Room

Where possible, choose a light, bright room with a window. Studies show that concentration levels are high within the first half hour of work and begin to deteriorate as time goes on until you take a break. This is accelerated by a lack of oxygen and clean air and you begin to feel lethargic and sleepy. This is the ultimate no no!

2) Avoid Clutter

In order to start your working day on a clean slate, ensure that you do not have unnecessary notebooks and staplers taking up space on your desk. This clutter will only distract you from the task at hand and takes from your thought process. Only fill your office with items that you know you are going to need on a daily basis. The rest can still be reachable but perhaps in storage where it is not taking up thinking space. You want to be inspired- not driven demented tripping over folders!

3) Stay Organised

This brings me to the next tip- organisation! Invest in some filing cabinets and/or folders and labels. It will make working from home a lot less stressful when you can find the paperwork you’re looking for within seconds as opposed to running around the house looking for the withered hardback that you stuffed into a sitting room cabinet. Keep the furniture simple! Have your desk, a few shelves, filing cabinet and a stationary drawer. It will help to keep your head clear.

4) Decorate

You may like to keep things simple or if you’re like me- the odd scented candle can make the world of difference! Of course, it is important not to have too many distractions in your work space but you do also want to make it feel somewhat homely and cosy. With the addition of a plant, a candle, fan and or mini fridge (if you want to go all out), your work space can be somewhere that you enjoy going. It is your haven, your space- filled with the things that you like.

Cut the clutter, Keep it cool!

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