How to Set Yourself Up for Remote Work Success

How to Set Yourself Up for Remote Work Success

27th October 2019 Off By Guest Blogger

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. This work trend, sometimes also referred to as telecommuting, is a workplace arrangement that allows employees to dial in outside of a traditional office environment. It continues to grow in popularity across the globe, with 18% of employees in the U.S. already working remotely full time. 

In most cases, remote workers have lots of flexibility on where they can dial in from. Some office substitutes that are popular with remote workers include home offices, shared coworking spaces, coffee shops, libraries, and other spaces that offer free Wi-Fi.

This article includes some tips and tricks so you can work remotely like a pro! 

  1. Communication is key: In today’s digital world, you don’t have to be in the office to stay connected. You can build relationships with your team members and easily get advice and feedback from your managers by using technology such as chat apps and video conferencing. It’s also good practice to be transparent with your remote work schedule. Update your status when you take a break, head to an appointment, or go on lunch, so your team members never have to guess where you are.
  2. Visit a Nearby Coworking Space: You don’t have to be at your company’s office to get all the benefits of a traditional office environment. Coworking spaces let you get access to upscale amenities, fast Wi-Fi, and a collaborative environment full of other remote workers.  By 2022, 5.1 million people will be coworking – check out a space near you to find out why!
  3. Take advantage of your productive times of day: Did you know that 2:55 p.m. is, on average, the least productive time of day? As remote work is all about self discipline, you should use this arrangement to figure out when you work best, and schedule your days around it. Tackle high level tasks at the time you are most productive, and schedule simple tasks or breaks at times when you feel the most fatigued. Finding your flow is essential to remote work success. 
  4. Reduce Distractions: It’s easier to get distracted when your manager isn’t sitting right across from you. At home, you may have pets, kids, or a roommate that steal productive time away from you. Other distractions can include your cell phone, or real world distractions if you are working from a coffee shop or library. Use time-blocking to your advantage and stay focused by setting goals for yourself. Snooze your email notifications, silence your text alerts, and get to work.
  5. Factor in Remote Work Costs: There are some expenses that come along with remote work, and your employer’s HR department may not cover them all. In fact, 78% of employers won’t cover the cost of their employees home internet and 76% won’t pay for coworking spaces – meaning these expenses will come straight out of your pocket. This doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, though. While you may not be able to expense these specific purchases, you can negotiate these costs into your salary! That way, you can get a higher salary and a great return on your remote work investment. Also remember that you are also saving on some costs as a remote worker: You don’t need a traditional office wardrobe every day, you will save time and gas money on a daily commute, and you can make lunch at home. 

Remote Work Challenges 

21% of workers report feeling disconnected when they work from home. In order to avoid this loneliness, make sure you don’t just stay inside all day, every day while you work remotely. This is one reason why coworking spaces are such a great buy-in: they’ll help you curb this feeling of isolation while also letting you access upscale amenities that help you work smarter and harder. 

Keep reading for more tips on successful remote work. You can also check out this study from Fundera that lists the top 10 best cities for remote workers in the U.S. based on data such as WiFi speeds, coworking spaces, median rent, and public WiFi spaces. 

Guest Blogger

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