Housing Crisis Report Reveals Need For SmartWorking

Housing Crisis Report Reveals Need For SmartWorking

19th July 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

In an article released today by Silicon Republic, it was revealed that Dublin rent prices are increasing at a truly alarming rate. Quoting from a recent survey by Statista, the most expensive city to live in is Hong Kong, with the average two-bed apartment costing $3,737. San Francisco is a close second at $3,664, while London comes in at around $2,410 (€2,077).

While Dublin does not appear on the chart, “property website Daft show[s] that average rental prices in Dublin have hit a record high of €1,875 per month which is, by today’s exchange rate (19 July), equal to $2,176 – not far behind London.” Should rent prices in Dublin continue to rise at this pace, it is predicted they will reach €2,000 by the end of 2018.

For those living on an industrial wage or anything up to €50,000 per year, renting in Dublin has become close to impossible. “If Dublin becomes a city where people on the industrial wage or on up to €50,000 a year cannot afford to live, the plot has indeed become lost.”

These startling statistics are a clear indicator that we need to reconsider how and where we work. There are great job opportunities out there in Ireland right now and location shouldn’t have to be a factor in achieving these roles. This is just one of the many challenges in today’s society that SmartWorking can help resolve.

It’s clear we’re not alone in our thinking. We have thousands of people signing up to our SmartWorking platform across Ireland and the UK and we’re matching people across all sectors with great jobs that let them live where they want.

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Source: Silicon Republic: Accommodation crisis: Dublin moves closer to San Francisco rent levels.