Girls In Tech Interview with our CDO Louise O’Conor

Girls In Tech Interview with our CDO Louise O’Conor

4th March 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

Don’t miss our CDO, Louise O’Conor’s personal interview with Girls In Tech describing her journey to leadership, digital transformation and international experiences!

Here’s a short snippet of her discussing SmartWorking:

“Culture and trust are some of the biggest obstacles for companies and employees. Many employees feel they could be passed over for career advancements if they’re not seen every day by their managers. Managers don’t always feel comfortable not knowing what their employees are doing or if they’re working, if not physically present. This is where it requires a change in mindset to make it work. Nowadays we have the technology, the connectivity and if every home doesn’t, there are over 200 co-working hubs around Ireland people can work from. Smart-working is based on output, as opposed to the hours per day. If somebody is taking time out during the day, but working at night then who cares? As long as they communicate and meet their targets.

Companies offering smart working also reap the benefits of a less stressed, more productive workforce. If that wasn’t enough, research also shows that companies can save up to €11,000 per year, per smart worker in overhead costs. With increasing property and building rental prices, we’re seeing many companies offering smart working options simply out of necessity to scale. They provide office hot desks and encourage people to work a few days from home per week because they just don’t have the space. Through necessity, they suddenly come to realise that they have a happier, more efficient workforce.

This is what Smart Working is all about – it gives people back time and reduces stress levels. It supports parents, people returning to the workforce, people with mobility issues, people struggling with rent prices and those who may be caring for elderly parents or relatives and want to be close to home. It also supports rural regeneration by bringing jobs to the skills available in towns and areas outside of larger cities, thus supporting communities and inward investment.” ~ Louise O’Conor

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Louise will also be joining the mentoring panel for Girls in Tech mentorship program, Stepping Up on March 28th in Huckletree Dublin!