Finding Motivation When SmartWorking

Finding Motivation When SmartWorking

25th July 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

One of the joys of SmartWorking is being able to work at home and at your own pace. But sometimes that can prove difficult. Without coworkers around you for support, motivation can be hard to find. Add in the fact that your bed is probably mere feet away and you’ve got a recipe for trouble. But don’t worry, we’ve got some easy solutions to help you find motivation when you need it.

Get Into a Routine

If you’ve made the switch from co-working to remote working, you’re probably used to living by a routine. Whether it was leaving the house at a specific time or taking a particular road home, routine plays an important role in how we perform at work. But with so many distractions at your fingertips, your routine can quickly fall apart. So why not try making a work schedule for your week. By sticking to a schedule, you’ll find that getting work done will be so much easier. Just make sure to include breaks, otherwise you’ll run the risk of burnout.

Get Out Of The House

Working closely with others can be great motivation for a number of reasons. On one hand we depend on coworkers for support and direction when tackling difficult tasks, on the other we often feel motivated to perform better than them at work. A great way to replicate this type of motivation is to go to a coffee shop. Surrounded by people, you’ll feel the need to get more work done than you would at home with just your thoughts for company.

Get Dressed (Properly)

You wouldn’t go to the office dressed in pyjama bottoms and an old t-shirt, so why should you do it at home? Dress to impress isn’t just for the benefit of other people, it means you should be impressing yourself also. Prepare a comfortable but smart outfit for yourself each evening and you’ll be glad you did the following day. Sharper in looks, sharper in mind.

Get Some Exercise

Studies have proven that people who exercise during the workday perform better than those who don’t. As a SmartWorker you have a distinct advantage over your commuter brethren. Now that you no longer waste time travelling to and from work, you can spend that time exercising your right to, well, exercise! Going for a morning workout or run has been shown to increase productivity throughout the day, so why not invest in a gym membership or some home gym equipment. Soon enough you’ll be seeing a huge difference in your work and your body.

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