Female Rise CEO Vivian Chen’s SmartWorking Tips & Tricks

Female Rise CEO Vivian Chen’s SmartWorking Tips & Tricks

7th March 2019 Off By Abigail Stack

In honor of International Women’s Day being tomorrow, March 8th, we are going to focus on a powerful female CEO, Vivian Chen, CEO and founder of Rise, a technology platform designed to help millennial women own their careers.

What is Rise?

Chen began her start-up Rise to support female entrepreneurs who are excited and ready to engage with the changing workforce. Rise connects high achieving females with companies to collaborate on projects. By linking ambitious workers with impactful projects, female entrepreneurs can get a head start on their careers and companies can take advantage of a huge talent pool.

Smart Working & Rise

Chen is a huge advocate for flexible smart working. In an interview with Thrive Global, Chen explained how everyone is going digital and remote work is quickly replacing the old 9-5 work grind. Flexible working opens up employees and employers to a vault of bountiful opportunities. Chen says:

Teams will not be limited to geographical locations and companies can have access to a wider talent pool. Instead of full-time arrangements, more and more people will opt for project-based work. This shift will allow for greater flexibility and personalization than today’s rigid structure.”

Her words support everything Abodoo stands for. Flexible working allows companies to take advantage of an endless talent pool and employees to seek work in any capacity. Companies can fully endorse a diverse and talented staff through advanced technology.

Tips for #SmartWorking

While remote work is fantastic in so many ways, one common issue smart workers face is over-working. Technology can make people feel pressure to always be alert and working. Not keeping work to a confined office space can make it hard to stop working. Nonetheless, it is vital for all remote workers to take a break.

Chen explains:

“Work is endless, but your health is not. There’s always more work around the corner, it’s not going anywhere. Make time to unwind, be kind to yourself and completely disengage from work. The time away will allow you to clear your head and gain a new perspective.”

You too can take advantage of SmartWorking!

To read more about how SmartWorking benefits lives and companies, visit Abodoo Blog.

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