Don’t Ask, Demand for Flexible Working: Canadian Case Study

Don’t Ask, Demand for Flexible Working: Canadian Case Study

1st April 2019 Off By Abigail Stack

As I just spent a long weekend in Toronto, Ontario, it only seems fitting that I write about Canadian’s attitudes towards remote and flexible working. Denoted “Generation Flex,” young Canadian workers are demanding work flexibility across the board. According to a recent study run by flexible workplace provider IWG, 77% of Canadians believe that remote work is the new norm. Read more to find out why!

Employees Call the Shots

There has been a shift in the Canadian workplace, where it is no longer employers telling employees what their professional life will look like. Rather, employees are telling employers what they will and won’t settle for. As recorded by IWG’s survey, 85% of Canadian business people turn down a job that does not offer flexible working. 54% of Canadian respondents say that having a choice of work location is more important than working for a prestigious company. In the past ten years, 69% of surveyed Canadian business people say their companies have introduced a flexible workspace policy.

Demands Are Effective

The best part about employees telling their employers what their workplace expectations are is that they are listening. In the past 10 years, 69% of Canadian respondents report that their companies now exercise a flexible workplace policy. Wayne Berger, CEO, IWG Canada and Latin America, says, “Flexible work is not just preferred by workers, it’s expected.”

Be Vocal!

As demonstrated by these survey results, the key to corporate success is honest, open communication. By demanding flexibility, workers better their chances of molding their workplace into what they want it to be. Be bold in your asks in order to get what you want!

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