Cut the Commute and the Skills Gap: Our Solution to Green Jobs

Cut the Commute and the Skills Gap: Our Solution to Green Jobs

26th July 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

We are passionate about lots of things here at Abodoo, including Green Jobs. But the one element that I am proud to be an advocate of is our ambition to cut carbon emissions and tackle the skills gap through SmartWorking.

Let’s be honest, when you see ‘Carbon Emissions,’ on your Twitter feed, you tend to keep scrolling because you’ve heard it all before, right? You might feel a bit guilty for your individual impact on global warming, but you also need to earn a living and meet your daily basic needs. Same here!

The good news is that we have found an effortless way for you to reduce your carbon footprint while benefiting from other lifestyle advantages. Develop the skills you need for the, “Green Jobs”, of the future. We’re talking better sleeping patterns, homemade lunches, more spending money at the end of the week and of course, less time spent on the N11 pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hmm. But first, let’s take a look at some of the topical issues we ought to pay attention to.

Carbon Emission Fines

Ireland currently has some of the highest carbon emission levels in Europe. In 2016, CO2 levels are said to have reached an astounding 61.19 tonnes which has been linked to an increase in the transport sector. Consequently, Ireland may face fines of up to €455 million by 2020 for failing to reduce carbon emissions. Is this the future we envisage for our children and their children?

By meeting our environmental targets, we can make our economy stronger for the benefit of all. GDP and employment levels would, as a result, also increase. Better air quality would have a knock on effect on people’s health, thus reducing the cost of healthcare per household. Similarly, in the UK, experts have reported that a decrease in carbon emissions could lead to a £500 increase in income per household.

The cycle is continuous and we ought to contribute to creating a better future for the generations to come. By SmartWorking, you can instantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to bettering our environment and ranking within the EU. Less commuting, less cars and a lower carbon footprint!

Closing the Skills Gap

It is vital that we work unanimously to reduce the mark we are leaving on the environment – but we need to pay attention to the social dimension of sustainable development: its implications for employment, training and decent work.

The Green Jobs Initiative (ILO, UNEP, IOE, ITUC) highlights the challenge of green jobs: to make economic growth and development compatible with climate stabilisation. Thus, it is not sufficient enough to continue working as we do and simply promise to cut down on commuting and energy consumption. We need to adapt relevant training, education and career progression to the concept of green jobs. According to a Cedefop report, the shift towards ‘greening’ the economy will require one of the greatest economic transformations we have seen to date.

Engineers, designers, and researchers will be essential in developing new technologies and more sustainable work processes. To apply such green technologies, technicians will be sought after to install and maintain them as well as:
– Develop key skills in learning and innovation
– Management skills to make sure that processes can respond to challenges
– Entrepreneurial skills to seize the opportunities of low-carbon technologies
– Leadership skills for policy-makers to be able to set the right incentives and nurture conditions for cleaner production and transportation.

As a SmartWorking platform, Abodoo strives to be a thought leader in contributing to the development of skills required for green jobs while promoting environmentally friendly, remote positions. We want to harness the skills and technology available today to develop roles of the future.

By utilising space and technology, employers and employees can work together as a team to educate and promote SmartWorking opportunities. We look forward to working with government organisations and the European Union to make our concept of SmartWorking adaptable to green jobs – the future of work.

Do not fear the transition to Green Jobs- challenge it! Start your SmartWorking career today to find your niche and beat the crowd. One day, one step at a time!