Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 9

Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern: Week 9

28th September 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

We’re back! While Chloe and Thomas are no longer interning, Chloe is still writing for Abodoo given her passion for #SmartWorking and we’re so grateful to her and for the training and handover they gave us! This is Flavia’s last day as an Abodoo intern and we’re going to miss her beautiful design creations terribly but we wish her the very best for the future and have no doubt we’ll be seeing each other again soon 🙂


Hello everyone! My internship at Abodoo has been an incredible experience. When I first started, my goal was to have a greater experience as a graphic designer.

Before coming to Ireland, I worked on architectural projects and illustration, so I considered my travel to Europe as a good opportunity to get international work experience.

It was a very interesting learning process which I developed a lot of my portfolio and my creative process.

I enjoyed every moment, including the creative blocking, the countless illustrator files on my computer, and the moments during a video call to discuss new ideas.

It was great! But all good things must end I suppose! Bye for now!!! 🙂


Today marks my second week as a #SmartWorking intern in Abodoo and if I had to describe my experience so far I would definitely pick the work unusual but refreshing.

I am a 23 year old Brazilian, graduated in PR with a recently finished masters in Journalism and Public Relations in Dublin. I am driven by new challenges and experiences, passionate about diversity, people, education, spirituality and sociological culture.  I believe that all these ingredients combined with Communications are our way to break old paradigms, bring new perspectives and change the world. And I think that’s my main ambition in life; to make a better world for people.

I’ve been living in Dublin for the last two years and lately I was feeling quite stuck career-wise. I was working in retail at that point and thirsty for something new, a new boost. I was talking about this issue to my holistic therapist (maybe more of that later) when she asked me: “Why don’t you literally write a letter and ask for what you want?”. With that in mind, I was feeling inspired after a few weeks and wrote the letter: I asked for a job in Communications that would allow me to be creative and develop myself professionally and personally and that I could work with people but also have autonomy and mobility, ideally would be a company with a young and fresh culture.

After a few days, I ended up getting to know Louise (CDO, Abodoo) and it felt like the boost I so wished for. When I saw the company website, the job description, I was amazed because everything was so perfect and exactly what I wished for. And even better, I realised my ideals of work routine were already a reality: it was #SmartWorking!

The following week, Shivtej and I met Louise and the team at the office and it felt amazing. Everyone joined the conference and even though I was only new, the team was so nice and the atmosphere felt friendly and energetic.

The plot twist was that I had booked holidays in U.S.A. at the same time my internship would start. However, I saw that as an opportunity to truly embrace the experience of #SmartWorking.

So here I am now, writing from Los Angeles and I can say #SmartWorking feels incredible. I had work demands but I could fit them into my routine and I still had amazing days in California. I felt that the new environment improved my creativity.

As a new intern, I must say the eight-hour difference was an issue for me. Especially with Zoom team calls and some first steps details. I’ll enjoy my last days in California, but I am looking forward to come back and catch up with the team.


Hi, I’m Shivtej!

I always wanted to study internationally because of two things: Firstly, I wanted to explore the world and secondly, I wanted to gain international industry exposure and experience.

I came to Ireland 8 months back and enjoyed the nightlife and cordial people. After culminating in my two semesters, I was looking for an opportunity where I could use my academic erudition and skills. I am a data analyst and being a data analyst you need a fresh mind and environment to give you’re 100 % results.

Abodoo came as an excellent surprise which enables me to work at a self-paced rate and in a hybrid work environment. I never thought that working remotely would be such an easy task. It’s not just video calling but also remote presentation, data sharing, error solving and training. SmartWorking not only allows you to work from anywhere but it enables you to use your best few hours to complete your tasks.

I am very happily surprised with Abodoo’s SmartWorking Iconic co-working offices and while I’m currently working remotely, I’ll soon be embracing a hybrid model of working part-home, part-office and completely enjoy being a smart working professional.

I am happy to say I am on my SmartWorking journey – are you?

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