Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 20

Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 20

14th December 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

The Christmas Spirit arrived in Abodoo! Our interns are celebrating Holiday Season in the season finale of their Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern


Hi everyone! Today is our penultimate Intern Diary. Can’t believe it’s been so fast!

We had the most amazing start to the week. On Monday we all met in Iconic: me, Shivtej, Lilian, Louise, and Thomas. We started with our daily call in the morning. Then me Shivtej and Lilian got our cameras and did some photoshoot of coworking spaces and of Team Abodoo. We also recorded a video. Lilian and Shivtej were so comfortable in front of the camera, can’t say the same about me and Thomas haha… I can’t say much now but we can’t wait to share! It will be worth the wait.

After our video and photo session, Valentina and Chloe joined us and we all had our Christmas lunch together. We had a delicious pizza! It was a great catchup and so much fun, I really love when we all meet. I’ll really miss these people!


Asides our lovely get together, we started our Christmas Countdown this week and it looks fantastic. So keep an eye on our blog and be sure you don’t miss our surprises for Holiday Season!

And I can’t finish this article without saying… It’s my birthday on Monday! Yay! My birthday takes ages to come so I’m always so happy when it’s finally here. 24 here I go 🙂


Hello friends,

Are you excited for Christmas? So is Team Abodoo! We had our Christmas Lunch with the entire team and it was an excellent treat to us. It was an emotional and superb moment.

I want to thank Abodoo Team. They supported me like a family every time I needed them. I want to share one nice story with you guys. Two weeks ago I applied for Musgrave IT Graduate Role and around 1,400 students also applied. The company called me for an interview. It went well but I was quite hopeless because it’s not easy to get selected when there are 1,400 candidates.

Yesterday I got a call saying they made an offer for one candidate, but I was in 2nd place in the list. So it means if any new role opens in the company I’ll get the preference. I was so happy and so proud of myself. It reminded me of the time I won “Student of the Year” with around 3,500 students.

I always observe the good people and try to learn something from them. I would like to thank Louise O’Connoe (CDO, Abodoo) for this opportunity. She always trusted me and she sees the hidden talent within people. So if you’re looking to meet the nicest and good-hearted people, join Abodoo Intern Program! Thank you!


Bonjour! Lilian is heading now to Paris! She’ll be back next week 🙂