Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 18

Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 18

30th November 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

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Hi people, here we are on our Week 18. It feels like yesterday since Shivtej and I started our #SmartWorking journey and we’re now thinking about Christmas….crazy!

Since last week I was lacking inspiration. Do you know when you sit down to write something and absolutely nothing comes to your mind? I was working from home that week and I looked around me and my room was a mess. So I decided to do something about it. On the weekend I organized literally ALL my stuff; I changed the furniture in my room, cleaned everything, did my laundry, separated a full bag of clothes and shoes for donation and throw a lot of papers and things away. It felt so good and it completely changed my energy. I started the week in a whole different mood!

In my opinion, space is one of the most important things when #SmartWorking, especially when you’re working from home. We don’t even realize how our surroundings can influence our mood. Creating a positive clean environment makes your creativity and performance flow naturally.

The rest of my week was brilliant. I particularly loved our #Diversity Series. Our article was about Diversity Fatigue and I really liked researching and reading about it.

I’m really looking forward to next week. Team Abodoo is now brainstorming ideas for Christmas and 2019 content planning so we have a lot going on. Also, I’m moving to a new home next week! It all happened so fast, I literally have a week to pack everything but I’m on cloud nine. I love change and it feels the perfect timing for a fresh start and fresh space. It’s gonna be a packing weekend!


Hello All, How was your week?  Mine was excellent but of course, like you, I was not happy with the weather.

Dublin is all lit up, decorations are everywhere, people from various countries have started visiting Ireland for Christmas.  I love going out on such occasions and exploring the real beauty of the city. I love being out and experiencing the day which I can arrange around my own availability but many don’t have this flexibility and can’t avoid the dreaded commute of going to the office every day, at the same time as everyone else.

I love having an option to avoid traffic and rain, “SmartWorking”. I can go to the office when I want (obviously within working hours and weekdays) but alternatively I can work from home and dial into meetings via zoom video conferencing which we always do.  This week I chose to remote work because I don’t like rain. I spent my week on my couch with coffee cup and laptop in the warmth. My friends who returned from the rain, were complaining about their experience and finally they understand and were convinced of the need for remote and smart working.  Are you?


Hello everybody! Another great hardworking week.

As I mentioned last week, we’re prospecting co-working hubs and we still have 4,000 spaces to be included in our UK list. I’ve finished some cities in the countryside but now I’m doing London, which was a lot of hubs. And it is just one of the sites of our research.

Tomorrow I have a presentation at school and my chosen topic is #SmartWorking. I’ll tell my classmates all about #SmartWorking and more details of my work here in Abodoo. Well, that’s the #FutureOfWork so I’ll make sure everyone is updated! 🙂

Have good weekend guys and see you next time!