Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 16

Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 16

16th November 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Another week has gone for our interns and they tell you all about it in their 
Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern diary!


Hey people, how you are all doing?

I’m feeling like time is flying. I went to town during the week and I must confess that it’s a bit scary to see all the Christmas decoration. Can’t believe we’re nearly in 2019! It went crazy fast.

Anyway, on Tuesday we all meet in Iconic Offices after a while and we had a great catch up. I missed my coworking Tuesdays. It was amazing to see Louise and Shivtej and I particularly love using that space. Things are going well with the team and everyone so busy. We decided that one of our priorities is to focus more on our Instagram @AbodooJobs. So if you don’t follow us, do it now! I promise you some cool posts and stories. By the way, here’s a picture of me and Shivtej in the office the day we met.

This week also gave me a boost to manage my time and energy. I took an old calendar, wrote all my responsibilities and daily reminders like read more books and meditate. On the weekend one of my plans is to clean and change all my room to create a good feng shui. I need to renew and refuel my energy!

Besides work and duties, my week was fun and touristic. As I mentioned last week my friend is in Dublin so I’m showing her some of my favorite spots in town like IMMA and IFI. Also brought her to Bray and it was a nice sunny cold day.

That’s it for today guys. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Hi all!

I had a really interesting week. I went to Howth cliff walk with my friends and it was my first trip with people I barely know. I wasn’t sure how things would be but I wanted to give it a try so we planned and went for it. It was a bit awkward at first because no one knew anyone really well. We started chatting about food, culture, and languages. After a while, we were so connected that it was like we knew each other from ages. We came back from the trip but I got some close friends. We all want that kind of friendship that we can have a good time and get a good energy.

We are all so busy with our lives and ended up constantly complaining. We could save a lot of our time and energy if we all #SmartWork. There are loads of apps that can help you manage your days and be more productive. Technology is moving so fast so we can use it in our favor to save our time and money.

I always love to hear stories about your #SmartWorking experience so feel welcome to share!


Hi everybody!

This was hardworking week!

We started prospecting co-working spaces in the UK. There are loads of hubs! To be more precise there are 12,000! Fortunately, I am sharing the task with my dear companion Smitha.

The work can be difficult sometimes but I’m never tired of being thankful and saying how happy I am to be part of this team and to learn from this experience.
I am so proud of my evolution and really happy to be with you sharing my #SmartWorking life!